Women sex and text Phoenix

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We wrote this story in plain language. Plain language means it is easier to read for some people. You can read the original version here. ProPublica is a group of reporters. We write stories that look at how the people in charge behave. We make sure they are not doing anything wrong or unfair. You can up to of our stories. The Arizona Daily Star worked with us to write this story. Ina crime happened in Arizona. A woman was raped. Raped means someone had sex with her when she did not want to.

The woman lives in a long-term care facility. She can not walk or talk. Staff help care for her. She was 29 when she was raped. She got pregnant from the rape. No one knew she was pregnant.

Women sex and text Phoenix

The place where this happened was Women sex and text Phoenix HealthCare in Phoenix. Many people across the USA were very angry this woman got hurt this way. Arizona is known for being a good place to live if you have a developmental disability DD like this woman. The governor of Arizona is named Doug Ducey. He made a task force Women sex and text Phoenix help protect people like the woman who was raped.

This group is made up of leaders from across the state. They include:. Abuse means to hurt someone you are supposed to care for. Neglect means to not take care of them. This group made a list of ideas to better protect people with DD. They gave this list to the government more than a year ago. Most of their ideas were supposed to happen in The group had 30 ideas for changes.

Only about 10 changes have been made. It could take months or years for all the changes to happen. One member of the task force is Jon Meyers. He runs The Arc of Arizona. That is a group that speaks up for people with DD. He said many people are frustrated that the changes have not all happened yet. Many of the changes cost money. One change would be to pay staff more. They would stay at their jobs longer and have more training if the job paid more.

The group also wants to pay more to the people who check to see if abuse happened. But the government has not asked for more money to pay for these things. The government program in charge of helping people with DD in Arizona is called the Division of Developmental Disabilities. People on the task force said DDD ignored their ideas. They want DDD to be:. DDD made a website with some new info. It is about safety at places like group homes. It only has basic facts. Its job is to check to see if people with DD have been abused.

It changed its website too. Its new website still does not have a lot of info. But other people think they could be sharing more. Other programs can give more info about places like hospitals and nursing homes. He has a son with Down syndrome. This means he thinks people should know if there have been problems at group homes. That way they can decide if it is a good choice to live there. The task force has reached some of its goals. Group homes must have s telling people how to report abuse.

The s are for:. The s are not done yet. DDD made some s but self-advocates with DD said they were hard to understand. DDD is making new ones now. People who work for the government said changes are happening. They said half are done or being done now. That is the government program that is taking the lead on making these changes. I think the agencies have done a lot of really phenomenal work since that time.

Women sex and text Phoenix

I think we have more work to do. Christina Corieri works for the governor of Arizona. She is happy with the task force. We are committed to implementing all of them. DDD gave out instructions this year for staff. They show staff how to:. There is no money to give this training to staff. That will make it hard to do. This is what Gina Griffiths said. Gina works for Opportunity Tree. They run group homes and programs in Phoenix.

Gina is on the task force. The wheels of government really do turn slowly. The task force wants workers at APS to have better training too. This training would help them notice when people with DD are being abused. APS said they will have this training done by June There are some problems the task force did not have ideas for.

One problem is support coordinators. Some of the problems are:. Diedra Freedman is part of a group that helped the task force.

Women sex and text Phoenix

She is also part of an independent oversight committee. That group makes sure DDD is doing what it is supposed to do.

Women sex and text Phoenix

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