Wmv match.com credit card charge

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We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you personalised advertising. Tried calling them and all I got was a recording that their representatives are busy and will get back to you shortly. I contacted my bank and they are canceling my debit card and also going to credit me these amounts. If this is the same Match. I just lost my husband of 40 years. Don't use this site this company only want your money really bad just can't say it enough before you do anything call your bank and block the payment then cancel your.

Don't try and get your money back they really don't care about you once they have your money. Paid the initial cost and then cancelled my by June 30, I received a cancellation notice stating no further payments would be taken. I have never used WMNV. Sunni Shular. Please deposite money back into my . I ed up for one month the canceled my services and autopayment and the money is still being taken out of my. This company needs to check the people they have here as customers because they majority of them are fraud. I never met one single man on the site, in the month, that wasn't trying to scam money out of me.

Well money or amazon gift cards or iTunes gift cards. I would really like March and Aprils fees put back into my. If I talked to them after a couple of days they would ask me for money, amazon gift cards or iTunes gift cards. I have went on the site 2 months ago and stopped the service because I am not going to dating sites anymore and they keep charging me. Please refund my money for March and April, this is crazy to be doing this. BillXYZ Send. I was a Match. I disputed the charge with my bank and Match. They closed myblocked me and banned me forever. They refunded the charge, but I lost my free Wmv match.com credit card charge month service extension.

All I wanted to do was prevent Match. The facts speak for themselves. There aren't enough adjectives to describe how incompetent and deceitful they are! Jacki Send. Com Match. I called and tried to cancel but that was useless.

I will now call my card holder. Abacusss Send. Debit card charge for match. Have never ed up for their services. I am so lucky there wasn't that much in the so they didn't get it. But they are under investigation and I will get another card tomorrow. I don't remember ever paying for Match. Looking online, I see that they regularly charge people for services that weren't requested and even switching cards doesn't stop them.

I'm not sure how this isn't theft. Tormentus Send. The site lools like it has these good quality candidates but I started noticing that some women who spoke to me would stop speaking when it came time to meet in person and Wmv match.com credit card charge the city the lived in on their profile would change every couple weeks as if they were baiting members with conversation to make the site seem like it was working.

There is something deeply nefarious going on with this company and they are not only taking advantage of vulnerable people but also their finances. Please do something. CnH Send. Unauthorized charges I cancelled my membership over a month ago and turned off automatic payment. Yet I just got charged again today and no one answers the phone.

I have not used Match. AlanG59 Send. Charley Send. This is obviously an ongoing fraud issue!! Denija Send. I never heard of that site or whatever it is. Some change was taking out my bank when I never used that in my life. Because y'all taking money out my without my permission. Sct Send. For 15 months match. I never used this site. I demand a refund. When I called them, they stated they never received my cancellation, even though I answered all the survey question on why I cancled and I didn't use the service after the first.

They also stated that they never received my stating I wanted to cancel to. Arezoo Send. I gave never ony life use match. I would like my money back. It's shocking how poorly a company this big manages their users' data, especially such sensitive data as credit card s. Seeing all these reviews and seeing that it's been going on for many month is insane. How is this company still operating? This is a serious violation of user agreements I cancelled my subscription on Match 8th I called Bank of America to file a complaint but they can only put stop to future charges and match has to refund me.

Called Customer and was on hold for ever, took my information and said I will be getting a call from someone soon. 1 2 3 Next. I agree. United States, Texas. Sep 14, Mar 12, Feb 4, Oct 30, Jun 3, Apr 30, Apr 28, Apr 25, Feb 27, Oct 5, Aug 4, Jul 24, Jul 14, Jul 13, Apr 3, Mar 11, Mar 8, Feb 16, Feb 12, Feb 6, Dec 1, Nov 25, Information of the Company you are complaining about.

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Wmv match.com credit card charge

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