Who is ok

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Bleary-eyed readers scanning two of the Boston Morning Post on March 23,may have barely noticed the linguistic oddity buried in the blizzard of ink in the second column. In an attempt at humor, young, educated elites deliberately misspelled words and abbreviated them for slang. OK reappeared in another Boston Morning Post article three days later, and it very slowly seeped into the American vernacular during The myth spread far and wide.

Harrison won the election, Who is ok so did OK. The expression started to appear in everyday speech, and in it showed up in the Slang Dictionary of Vulgar Words. It popped up periodically in popular culture as well. While OK became part of the popular lexicon, its origins were disputed for more than a century. Some linguists pointed to Van Buren and Jackson. Others thought it was based on the manufacturer of a popular army biscuit, Orrin Kendall, or a Choctaw chief named Old Keokuk.

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Who is ok

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