When does dating exclusively become a relationship

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Nowadays, relationships move much more fluidly between. We have more freedom to focus on what we need from our romantic connections - When does dating exclusively become a relationship than feeling obligated to just slap a ring on it and get down to baby-making. Because of these new dating parameters, defining a relationship can be tricky. We have to ask ourselves what we want from this new connection - and on the flip side, what does our partner want from us?

Do they want something more or less serious? Are they open to options? In fact, many couples end up with a different understanding of their situationship. After developing feelings for a particular partner, it becomes trickier, and at this point we have to make a decision between voicing our desire for exclusivity, or continuing to explore other avenues. So, pluck up your courage and ask! Perhaps you have just come out of a long-term relationship and therefore could use a little time to get yourself together emotionally.

So much can be learnt during this period of singleness and many crave the independence it brings. Also, remember that relationships are not always easy. Of course, at the beginning, everything feels euphoric and blissful.

We all realise eventually that the person we place on a pedestal is not actually perfect. Always remember to put yourself and your own feelings first. You can take control and be the one to determine the outcome of your dating journey. They are intentional about the time they want to spend with you and make you feel valued.

Your interests become their interests. They make an effort to get to know what it is that makes you happy, and to share in that happiness themselves. They pay attention to your needs during sex rather than using you for a quick hook-up. Regardless of gender, you can and should be the one to make the first move. The key is to keep it light, but be honest about how you feel. If you feel reassured that they feel the same way about you, then really, what have you got to lose?

How soon is too soon to become exclusive? Are you really ready to be exclusive? Shannon O'Neill.

When does dating exclusively become a relationship

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