What most girls like

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This post explains what we really want. But we do love little surprises. Stop at the store on your way home and pick us up a bottle because you know the bottle we bought three days ago is already empty. Do we have a newfound love of yoga?

Have we gotten really into baking lately? It makes us feel like seeing us happy is important to you and makes you happy. So pay attention, this is the important stuff…. About everything and What most girls like nothing. Let us talk it out. And if we ask for your opinion, just say a color. Let us talk about our fears, our dreams, or about what color we should paint the living room. We just want to know that no matter what is it, we can talk to you.

Be open to talking about the relationship. Relationships are about growing together, getting stronger together, working better together, and making tweaks on both sides. Ask us how our day was. Providing some encouragement never hurts, either. Believe in us. Whatever our hopes, goals, aspirations—believe in us. Encourage us. Tell us we can do it. But when you see all your shirts hung up and facing the same way, let us know you appreciate it, especially if we used What most girls like softener.

If we made dinner, offer to clean up. There may be times when you unload the dishwasher every time for a month, and times when we do the laundry every time for a month. Teamwork requires compromise. Teamwork requires you to work together, not against one another.

If someone is putting us down, stand up for us. If someone is minimizing our accomplishments, stand up for us. If someone calls us crazy…first agree with them, then stand up for us. Let us cry on your shoulder. Tell us that we have value, and tell us to keep at it. This is probably the sweet spot for every woman. We will fall in love with you over and over if you can make us laugh. Ask us how we are. Send us a funny picture. Tell us about the prank Zach pulled on Shaun. These words are for us all.

Beyond Worthyby Jacqueline Whitney. You may unsubscribe at any time. We want little surprises. We want to be able to talk to you. We want you to care about us. We want you to believe in us. We want to feel appreciated. We want you to stand up for us. We want you to pick us up when we fall.

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What most girls like

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