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We are truly honored to receive this award once again, which is a testament to the character, dedication, and passion exhibited by our employees each and every day. I am so grateful to work alongside such amazing professionals and am excited to share in this recognition with all of them. We go the extra mile to make sure you have a pleasant home buying experience.

Talk with an Expert All of our Loan Officers are d to help you receive a mortgage anywhere within the state of Utah. Address. See how much you can afford in less than 2 minutes. More Than. Apply Now. Learn More. What makes Utah Mortgage Loan Corporation so great? Simpleā€¦ We go the extra mile to make sure you have a pleasant home buying experience. Get Started. Do you want to know if you qualify to purchase a home? Drop us a line anytime, and one of our mortgage loan consultants will respond to you as soon as possible.

Name Address Phone Submit. Virtual Volunteering by umlc March 12, Company Blog 0 Comments The Internet has made volunteering opportunities more accessible than ever before. If you've considered giving back but weren't sure how to fit it into your schedule, here are four organizations that can help you find the right opportunity. Points of Light Engage helps. The problem is most garages are neither climate controlled nor dust- or pest-free. Here are five items you should think twice about before keeping them in the garage: Paint Are you now wondering what to do with all that extra cash?

It might be tempting to just go out and spend it all, but there are so many better ways to put that money to good use! Here are Expected Housing and Mortgage Trends for by umlc February 14, Company Blog 0 Comments If you are thinking about buying or selling a home, it is important to do some market research first. Knowing the market trends can help you decide when and how to invest in real estate. Here are some of the housing and mortgage trends expected to carry out in Trade in your Rent for a Mortgage by umlc January 31, Company Blog 0 Comments Are you considering The mortgage company utah up rent to buy a new home?

One thing that can help you with this decision is understanding the differences between paying rent and paying a mortgage. The most important difference is where your money is going. When you pay rent, you are Do you fall into this perception? The truth is, there are pros and cons to selling in any season, The mortgage company utah selling in the winter can definitely be a good idea. Check out How do you plan on spending your time this Christmas season? Are you looking for some new ideas to help bring the family This could not be farther from the truth! The truth is, anyone can get into a home!

The key is knowing what you need to do now to start preparing for the right time to buy. The primary purpose of the open house is to make sure the home meets your expectations and to see if you can picture yourself living in the home. One important part of attending open houses What to Fix When Selling Your Home by umlc June 14, Company Blog 0 Comments When it comes to selling a home, a lot of people don't know what is necessary to get their home into proper selling shape.

Some people over think it and spend more than they need to on repairs. Other people may think that there home is just fine the way it is, but Affordable Mortgage Options by umlc June 7, Company Blog 0 Comments There are many people that still think you need a large down payment saved up to be able to buy a home. This is simply NOT true! There are so many affordable loan programs out there now days. Identifying and gathering the necessary documentation ahead of time will help you get approved quicker. When applying for a The mortgage company utah loan, all income and funds for closing costs and down payment have to be One of the many challenges homeowners face in the summer is keeping their grass green!

It can be so hard to find the right balance between watering too much and watering too little. The right combination of appropriate watering and use Thinking About Investing in Real Estate? Many people want to invest in real estate, but they are hesitant because they do not know what to expect. The key to the success of any landlord is being able to effectively and efficiently manage your Finding the Right Neighborhood by umlc May 10, Company Blog 0 Comments Any purchase requires some research and background information to make sure you are making the right decision.

Buying a home is no different. It is important to check out the neighborhood and the surrounding areas before you purchase a home. You want to make sure No one wants to have a debt hanging over them for 30 years! If you have a mortgage, you have probably wondered what you can do to pay it off early.

This thought can seem like an unobtainable goal if you The truth is, not all home improvements cost a fortune and some types of home improvements can even save you money in the long run. These types of home We only have a little more than a week left before we celebrate a wonderful holiday with some of the best traditions of the year! Now, we all have our traditions that we HAVE to do every year.

Some of these traditions have been Or is it?! Finding the right time to start planting your garden can sometimes feel like a roll of the dice in Utah. How do you weigh the risk vs. And how can you make sure that your If your home remains on the market month after month without any offers, it can be discouraging.

Many people wonder what they are doing wrong or what is wrong with their house that is making Determining which loan program is right for you can be a difficult task. Our mortgage professionals take the time to train and education themselves The mortgage company utah all the different types of loan programs so they can It does not mean that the loan has been closed or that the home is sold.

A home will remain in the pending process until all of the legal work has been completed and The market over the past 12 months has been largely in favor of the sellers due to low inventory and high demand. This is simply not true. It is possible to get a mortgage after a bankruptcy. There are just specific rules and regulations you have to follow to qualify. There are several different Having a good mortgage lender can really help simplify this process as they guide you through it. In order for your loan officer to give you the best One of the industries most affected by these innovations has been the housing industry.

These new electronics are redefining luxury living in a multitude of ways. Pretty much anything electronic How to Prepare to Purchase Your Next Home by umlc January 17, Company Blog 0 Comments Most people who have experienced buying a home probably feel like they have a pretty good idea for what to expect when it comes time to purchase their next home.

The reality is, however, every home buying experience is different. There are always different There are many different reasons for this, but the There are just so many things to think about from money, to finding the right home, to moving stresses, and everything in between. When it comes to breaking all of these tasks out into a step by step process, most Why More Americans Are Using Real Estate Agents by umlc December 27, Company Blog 0 Comments There are many trends going around these days that are encouraging home buyers to purchase a home without using a real estate agent.

Some of these other options include using an app or website to help you find your home, or just doing it yourself. Despite these new Make This Christmas Less Stressful by umlc December 20, Company Blog 0 Comments With the big day less than a week away, it is pretty common for everyone's stress levels to turn up a notch.

It doesn't have to be this way! Here are a few easy tips to make your holiday less stressful and help you enjoy this fabulous time of year. Down Payment Assistance Programs by umlc December 12, Company Blog 0 Comments One major concern for people when it comes to buying a home is whether or not they will have enough money for a down payment. The good news is that there are many different ways to get help with your down payment if you are unable to come up with the money on your Your credit score is a representation of how likely you are to pay your debts in a timely manner.

In other words, it is a representation of how much Going Through the Mortgage Process by umlc November 29, Company Blog 0 Comments Many people do not know what to expect when they go through the mortgage process. It can be intimidating to go into the home buying experience without knowing how long it is going to take or what you are going to have to do.

The mortgage company utah

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