Teacup bull dog

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Bulldogs are known for their iconic sour mug face and their bravery. But just when you think that they got it all, wait for their pocket-sized version. Yes, you read it right! A smaller version of this breed exists and they are known as teacup Bulldogs.

They are bred to be companion dogs so their personality is more laid back. However, they are also infamous because they come with a lot of health problems. If you want to learn about this and more, read this ultimate guide to the teacup Bulldog breed. Teacup Bulldogs do exist but they are commonly known as the miniature English Bulldogs.

Teacup bull dog

The vast majority of them were developed through breeding Bulldogs that carry the dwarfism gene. There is much confusion as to whether teacup Bulldogs exist because people think they are a separate breed from the mini English Bulldog. They are also mistaken as the mini Bulldog which is produced through crossbreeding a Bulldog to a Pug, and at times tagged as the toy Bulldog which is long extinct. There is no solid documentation Teacup bull dog the history of this English Bulldog variety, but most breeders claim that they have been existing since the s.

The one factor why their pedigree is not recorded is because they are not recognized by kennel clubs as a separate type of Bulldog. These organizations, as well as several breeders, are not keen on labeling these tiny pups as teacups because they believe they are only accidentally created. On another note, some breeders do selective breeding of pups who suffer from dwarfism.

Teacup bull dog

Some of them are cataracts, dental problems, arthritis, and disc disease. The teacup English Bulldog almost looks similar to an English Bulldog but with a smaller size. They also sport the iconic face accentuated by loose skin, and they have the same body shape. What is immediately noticeable about them is that they do not look as fierce as the standard-sized ones.

Though the size of the parents plays a large role in determining the size of a teacup English Bulldog, generally its weight is around 25 to 40 pounds which is 10 pounds behind the normal English Bulldogs. At six months, teacup Bulldogs are expected to be 13 inches tall and 21 to 25 pounds heavy. As they reach the 12 to month mark, their height is already They are only labeled as such because they are a downsized version of a large breed.

Do not buy the false advertisements of some opportunistic breeders because there is no way that they can hand you a micro-sized pup. Since the miniature English Bulldog or teacup Bulldog is not considered by most Teacup bull dog clubs as a separate variety of the standard Bulldogs, they are technically not recognized as an official breed. There are no published standards discussing what this dog should or should not be, which can be a bit disappointing if you are after having them participate in different contests.

The breeding practices used to produce them are often questionable and they do not adhere to the breeding techniques promoted by most kennel clubs. Also, teacups are bred fundamentally for their size. This means that their health comes second, or even last. Teacup bull dog especially matters if the dog is bought for companion purposes. Well, definitely! A teacup Bulldog displays fun and friendly vibe around people but they can also be very protective. They are great guard dogs since they are considered one of the strongest canines in the world. As a teacup Bulldog enthusiast, you should also take note that this breed is not the most active.

If you are a sporty person who loves to sweat and do extreme activities, this pooch will not be a great companion. Female Bulldog: Which Is Better? The teacup English Bulldog is undeniably a fun-loving breed by nature and is friendly towards others. However, they come with an array of health issues due to their limited gene pool.

Thus, making them more prone to a long list of health problems. Another thing to watch out for in this breed is their tendency to be obese since this is common in their bloodline. Providing them with daily exercise is necessary. However, it should be done with utmost care since they cannot be over-exercised due to their physical condition and sensitivity to both hot and cold temperatures. On the bright side, unlike usual Bulldogs which have a life expectancy of 8 to 10 years, a teacup Bulldog can live up to 9 to 13 years.

This is possible if all their health concerns are addressed and treated as soon as possible by a professional vet. This miniature breed is costly since most of them are born by caesarian section due to their large he. Aside from this initial amount that you have to invest when buying the teacup Bulldogyou would also need to spend a ificant part of your savings for their needs, which include the following:. After careful consideration of all the facts I shared about this dog, you must have already decided if this dog is for you. You may check out the directory of English Bulldog Miniature Association if you want to search for reputable breeders or check the following websites:.

Being a teacup Bulldog parent is not an easy task. So, here are some of the best ways to take care of them. This Teacup bull dog can be high maintenance since it has a lot of health issues. Frequent vet visitation and medication comes in petting this dog. Teacup Bulldogs are affectionate dogs who do well around children and practically anyone.

Teacup bull dog

They love cuddling and chilling with their owners or their favorite humans, so expect that they are more clingy than your other pets at home. According to the AKCBulldogs are medium-sized dogs. This is the only Teacup bull dog accepted for conformation shows and other contests.

However, breeders now produce mini or teacup versions of the breed. Teacup Bulldogs are ultimate couch potatoes but they are definitely an adorable and clever pooch. If you want to own one of them, know that you are also accepting the responsibility of paying for their vet bills. They come with a lot of health issues, and the healthcare assistance they need is not that cheap. My name is John Carter and I absolutely love pets, especially dogs.

My passion for animals started at a very young age as I grow up on a farm with several horses, cows, cats, chickens, and dogs on our property. Maine Coons are ideal feline companions since they are friendly, intelligent, and gentle.

Teacup bull dog

However, because of the cost of buying a Maine Coon from a breeder, many people get discouraged from starting The Shiba Inu is one of the world's oldest dog breeds. First originated in Japan, these dogs have recognizable features that make them extremely iconic-looking. If you are interested in the Shiba Inu Contents show. Do Teacup Bulldogs Exist? Are They Really Teacup-Sized? Teacup Bulldog Health Issues and Lifespan. Commonly Asked Questions Are Teacup Bulldogs High Maintenance? Do Teacup Bulldogs Like to Cuddle?

Teacup bull dog

What Are the Other Sizes of Bulldogs? Continue Reading.

Teacup bull dog

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Teacup Bulldog: Does This Tiny Bulldog Really Fit in a Teacup?