Stop texting your ex

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Trying to stop yourself from texting your ex is the first — and definitely worst — hurdle to overcome when trying to follow the "no contact rule. If you haven't heard the term before, the no contact rule is when you cut off any and all forms of communication with your ex for at least 21 days following a breakup. The rule is deed to help you either get over a breakup quicker than you would if you kept in touch with the person who broke your heart or to help you get them back if you are really meant to be.

One exercise is writing down on a piece of paper what you're really feeling inside. After your write down your feelings, shred or burn those pieces of paper like you're letting go of past feelings for an ex. Another easy distraction is spending time with friends. Nothing can distract you more than having a genuinely good time with the people you love most. Get coffee or brunch together, go to the movies, or go out for a night at a karaoke bar. Lastly, if you need another distraction, going to therapy can help. Your therapist can give you specific tips on how to stop texting someone like your ex, and ways you can use this absence of texting to your advantage.

However, sometimes that's easier said than done, especially when picking up your phone to text your ex a quick "hey" is so gosh darn easy. Sure, at first it may be tolerable. Your girlfriends Stop texting your ex in to surround you with comfort food and pep talks. But when you're sitting there alone in your room late at night, that first hour of silence can be stifling.

So you open up Facebook or Instagram for some innocent late-night social media stalkingand after just one glimpse, you're DMing him, and now he's back in your life cue the unwanted flood of bittersweet memories. It's easy to give in to temptation and text or call your ex, which soon le to finding yourself begging him to come back.

But there are apps to help. Photo: Apple App Store Preview. Drunk Mode Keyboard takes over for you on nights when five gin martinis take precedence over dinner. This app replaces your QWERTY keyboard with art, or has different settings like translating your set language to something foreign, so you will absolutely not know what you're even trying to say! If anything, you'll probably get distracted by it and then not try to text your ex!

What the developers say : "It's really simple. Beforehand put drunk mode on and select how long you will you want drunk mode enabled. Drunk mode will be on for the duration you choose. This can help to prevent you from sending messages you really wouldn't send if you were not drunk.

Customer review : "I honestly wish this app worked better than it did. While the No Contact Rule app doesn't technically stop you from calling or texting your ex, it does offer you short but sweet reminders of why you should stop yourself. What the developers say : "If you are trying to get over an ex and implementing the 'No Contact Rule' this stop texting ex app is for you. Whenever you need to strength to get through the day or moment, look at this app and it will help remind you why you are doing it. Stop texting your ex phone calls, no s, no social media. You deserve better.

I always press Home, click this app and then go through the reminders. They really help give me lots of relief where ly I was just anxious over what my ex might be doing. The reminders and affirmations are exactly what I need to help me put the phone down, save me so much grief and humiliation. Drunk Dial No! You can also block incoming calls or messages from your ex during a time you know you'll be especially vulnerable to their messages.

And you can even schedule messages to be sent to yourself reminding you what you're not supposed to be doing! With Drunk Dial NO! I didn't, did I??! Customer review : Unfortunately, this one only gets one star, with most users saying it's pretty buggy. On the plus side, it appears to have been updated recently, so here's hoping it's now working better.

While the Focus Lock app may not be geared specifically toward learning how to stop texting him obsessively, and preventing the two of you from contacting one another, it will do the trick in those times when you need a little help fighting the urge.

Focus Lock allows you to hide all but your default iOS apps from your phone for a period of time you choose, i. What the developers say : "With Focus Lock, hide all of your downloaded apps for a time that you select, and your apps will return to your phone screen like magic! Before using focus lock I had trouble staying focused and I constantly found myself reaching for my phone and using social media or games.

Focus Stop texting your ex really helped me with my studying and I definitely recommend it for anyone who wishes to improve any aspect of their life specially studying. There's probably nothing worse than checking your inbox just to see a surprise from your ex asking when he can come by and pick up his last box of stuff cue, heart drop. In Gmail, you can block your ex by filtering s. Open a message from your ex and click "more" in the right-hand corner to drop open options.

From there, you can select to filter out your ex. That way, you still receive your ex's messages in the event of an emergencybut they don't flood your inbox. in. YourTango Experts. Photo: getty. Alexandra Churchill. Subscribe to our newsletter. now for YourTango's trending articlestop expert advice and personal horoscopes delivered straight to your inbox each morning.

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Stop texting your ex

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Stop Texting Your Ex! Here’s 10 Things To Do Instead of Texting Your Ex