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Luxury residences are built on-site in a host of styles and settings and with endless opportunities for customization. The Preserve at Boulder Hills is best appreciated as a lifestyle — one that celebrates both parts of the term. And a style of living where unspoiled nature and refined luxury find common ground. We are currently accepting new Preserve families into a limited of member positions.

Build memories … inspired by 3, acres of unique, indelible experiences. Build a legacy … of adventure, exclusivity, and serenity … to be passed to future generations. The Club is now offering well-appointed overnight accommodations and dining, resort amenities and special activities for overnight guests. This state-of-the art facility also includes VIP member lounges, reach-in humidor, and more.

Plus, The Range Academy offers a wide curriculum of firearms classes for all skill levels. The Preserve supports a unique lifestyle where unspoiled nature and refined luxury find common ground. Nowhere is this description more powerfully illustrated than in the diverse lodging options strategically sited within our 3, pristine acres. Global cultures have inspired modern variations on timeless des. Originating in the tundra of Mongolia are yurts, rugged enough to withstand the harshest elements yet boasting luxurious interiors that define glamping.

And uniquely American Air Streams, universally recognized by their distinctive lines and aluminum coating, bring an iconic brand to our iconic property. Golf, Fishing, Shooting Sports, Snowmobiles, and some awesome food. Lodge was super cozy, and the staff is top notch. By far the finest Shooting Range and Sporting Shoppe hands down! Nothing Else Like it in The Country. Spa hunters ri Inquiries.

Membership Inquiries. Overnight Lodging. Enjoy the Sporting Life! Home Living Made Easy and Exceptional. Residential Opportunities. Reward Yourself with the Lifestyle You Earned. Become A Member. Living at The Preserve. Imagine making your home in an idyllic retreat where Spa hunters ri journey from refined luxury to acres of unspoiled nature is a simple matter of opening your front door.

Welcome home to Adventure, Exclusivity and Serenity. Learn more. The Sporting Shoppe. The Range. Learn More. On-site lodging and professional car services are always available. Enjoy golf, tennis, sporting clays, zip lining, and so much more. Let our team handle the hard work while your team or guests enjoy unforgettable experiences.

Your Wedding. Book Your Event. At Home in Nature. Subscribe to Our Newsletter up to receive news, event announcements and exclusive shoppe specials. Us info thepreserveri. Pin It on Pinterest.

Spa hunters ri

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