Sls sex site

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Forgot your password? We are a paid member of SLS and have had some success on this site. Do y'all know of any of good sites like SLS? We are a member of Swapper Net but don't really like this website. If you know of any others like SLS plz give me a yell back.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I am pretty sure that SLS is the only site that actually allows you to communicate without "paying". I get so frustrated when looking at other sites and trying to see if the people on the site are real before paying! Good luck on your search.

No there is another site.

Sls sex site

ClubForePlay It is all free right now. You can pay if you want too. Eventually you will have to pay to use their services, but for now it is a pretty good site. A lot of folks like to bag on them, but AdultFriendFinder. The most members, and that means the most members near you, Sls sex site the strongest search engine I've seen although there are plenty of sites we haven't checked. I can't see fooling with the little ones unless they have a concentration near you. The average quality of members on SLS is higher, but there are a lot fewer of them. AFF is decidedly not free if you want to make effective use of the site, although I don't regard the cost as exorbitant.

We've actually found that somewhat of a feature. This stuff is just hard. But there are also real people out there really doing these things. You just have to do the legwork, or get lucky. We're lifers on PlayfulSwingers. Their membership focuses on the areas between Orlando FL thru North Carolina with some outliersso you should find all sorts of folks in our area. The link I posted above is completly free right now. You can do everything on it for free. Also, you can find out about clubs and parties in the area on playful, it's very user friendly.

Just IMHO. SDC has a pretty good free trail with some limits. You can communicate with other people during the free trial. In my opinion it does not compare to SLS but the free trial is not too bad. I think SLS seems to be the best site. I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned SDCwhich has a much larger membership than any of the other sites listed here. I can't believe that so many people on here think SLS is the best lifestyle site - I just don't Sls sex site it. The site is poorly deed, poor layout, lacking functionality, and awful to look at.

SDC on the other hand is so much better in all those respects and has tons of members. I just can't understand it.

Sls sex site

I know that most of the members on SDC are in Florida and Texas but plenty in the other surrounding states as well. Can someone tell me where the members on SLS are primarily from? Well, yes, sdc does have an attractive sight, thats probably why it is so slow. I have tried it several times including just now and it takes forever for s to load on my computer.

SLS on the other hand, is intuitive to use, simple, so it is fast, and has more usefull search features and member screening than sdc does, in my opinion. Additionally, I've never figured out a way to block single males on sdc which is a deal killer for us. I will admit that I haven't used sdc enough to be sure I have found all the available features though.

That's the biggest problem right there. I just did two identical searches, one on sls, the other on sdc. The sdc - 53 members within 50 miles of us, sls - members within 50 miles of us. ; sls - members, sdc - after waiting 8 minutes for the search to load 38 members. Those kind of searches are much easier to do on sls because they allow you to just enter the name or the zip code of the city you would like to search, sdc only accepts zip codes.

Luckily sls provides you with the zip code if you enter the name of the city, so I was able to then do a search on sdc with the provided zip. Can't really say as I haven't done a search for that many places, but of the places I have searched it has always turned out like the example I gave above. Sls has always been the clear winner. So, while I have no way of knowing for sure as sdc does not provide that information max search limitmy guess is that sls still has more members in Florida and Texas than sdc does. And until they get their server capacity increased to mitigate the slow performance, I have a hard time believing they will be able to catch up.

Don't get me wrong, I have no personal interest in any of these sights, and I wish them all the best. I do think that, all things considered, SLS is still the best pure swinger dating sight on the net though. SLS has one thing that none of the other sights has picked up on. Their is no time limit for Sls sex site members. That is an excellent marketing ploy. Because eventually most of those free members. We belong to a few SLS being one of them. In our humble opinion SLS is the best. When he originally started Swingular he literally hijacked the Playful Sls sex site site.

He locked out the couple who had paid him to develop the web site and directed their playfulswingers. It was exactly the same because he was the guy running it. The couple somehow managed to get announcements out to people about what was happening and suddenly members were getting dueling announcements. Announcement: the site has changed its name and we're still honoring memberships and renew now at the new Swingular. Announcement: somebody has hijacked our site, disregard the announcement.

Sls sex site

Etc, etc, etc. It was kind of entertaining drama from the outside looking in, but it happened just as Playful Swingers' popularity was blowing up at a time when they could have beat SDC in the South Florida market. Then, nope, derailed because the web nerd betrayed them. So sad. I've never had problems with SDC 's speed. Also, SDC has the features that you mentioned that you were unable to find - like blocking single males, etc.

Regarding s. I Sls sex site that each company is focusing on different regions. Now this could just be a more concerted marketing effort on SDC's part, but I suspect it is simply that they are much larger in Texas. Heck probably larger overall! Right now it is approximately am and I have clicked on both sites. It's possible that SLS s might "time out" more quickly, but again, I don't think that's the issue. As far as speed goes, they both seem equally fast. Not sure why SDC caps its search to hits, but honestly I'd never noticed till you mentioned it.

I too would like the search to be unlimited in scale. Personally I find the features on SDC, especially on profiles, to be more useful and descriptive. They let you post up to pictures too many I think if you want. They let you add to favorites or just send a hint via the "remember profile" link. When both parties have added each other to the favorites list, they send a message to each party indicating mutual interest.

There's a travel section so people can announce where they will be. There's a speed dating section to announce when people are available for sexy fun. There are forums which are highly active. One can even blog on their own profiles now.

Sls sex site

There are online community groups that people can form. There are multiple chatrooms for communities from all over the world. You can put audio and video on your profile. You can use a webcam. I'm just listing off the top of my head. To be honest I don't know if SLS also has these types of features or not - I'm sure some features are similar. I have a feeling it's most likely because the membership on this site matches more closely with SLS in terms of the areas people are from.

Sls sex site

That's not a problem, of course, but it always struck me as sort of odd that SLS would be mentioned with far more frequency than an arguably larger and nicer SDC. To each his own, I suppose. I imagine the SDC parties you mention are probably why they are so popular where you are, they don't do those here. They both have a little over users on when I just checked. I am sure they are both good sights but my point was that for the majority of the US SLS seems to have a lot more members, especially in the west were we live. So, that is why I think most people here on the board prefer it.

Consolidation among the online sites is inevitable. For consumers, it will be nice to have one stop shopping and fewer subscription payments - and for the site owners economies of scale leveraging of fixed costs will increase profit margins and free up cash flow to invest in better software, storage, etc Network effects are a ificant barrier to entry for Sls sex site sites newcomers will probably be undercapitalized and won't survive long enough to gain critical mass. So expect most the consolidation to occur among the existing dozen or so sites - with a a few megasites surviving, perhaps complimented by a few niche players.

We already get the sense that certain sites are experiencing congestion and have stopped investing in upgrades. Expect these particular sites to be the first to look for strategic partnerships. Not at all! And you're right I'm a paid member on Swappernet and a free member on SLS. And the single guys are hotter! I found this link it shows all the clubs I think that sdc has parties at and they are all over the place. Vegas is a 7 hour drive for us. The main Sls sex site with SDC from our view is the lack of members in our area, were we living in Florida which I believe is where SDC got started, we might consider them.

Probably not though, SLS 's sight just works so much better for us and we like the way it is set up better, so we would probably stick with it even if we lived in Florida which we have been considering lately. Have to agree with sobe, all I bother with also these days is sdc. Having checked out the swinging scene in Vegas I must say for the city with the slogan "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" I found the two swinger clubs I went to sleezy and full of single guys and was expecting a Japanese tourist to pop up with a camera at one point.

Funny how everyone likes different sites. I guess that is why there are different sites out there! Lots of sites but if you are like me and use the internet to meet real people offline there really is not many options out there, my recommendation - every site on Julies recommended and follow what i just said. You can post now and register later. If you have anin now to post with your .

Sls sex site

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