Shy girl dating shy guy

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Shy girls are different; how they talk, their attitude, behaviour and demeanour have a stark contrast with the regular girl. Being in a relationship with a shy girl Shy girl dating shy guy really be super cool depending on if you are able to cope with or understand her. The shy girl loves to be loved and cherished by her man; she loves the romantic guy — the type you see in the movies. Her love is genuine and long-lasting. She loves to have everything low-key — from date nights, engagement and up to her wedding day.

This is the perfect example of opposites attract. The average girl would easily warm up to you, but not the shy one. It would take a usually long time for her to warm up to you, even if she likes you. This is one part of herself only she understands. Fun to her is different; she has fun when she sees people having fun. She loves to understand people and there is no better way to understand people than listening to them.

If you can make her smile then you would love what you see. That smile hidden behind the shyness is usually genuine, pure and heart warming. It makes her more beautiful. She might not give the perfect response to a compliment, but she feels good hearing those compliments. Compliments make her happy and would definitely bring out a cute smile. The shy girl is usually easy-going; once you get to understand her, you would love her beauty that radiates within.

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Shy girl dating shy guy

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Are shy guy + shy girl relationships difficult? Do opposites truly attract?