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City of Rochester, NY. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, please do not use eCode Pin open the table of contents Table of Contents. Article I General Regulations. The City of Rochester has numerous residential, commercial and industrial buildings, which are substantially sound and habitable structures providing decent housing resources for residents and businesses in the City.

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The City also has vacant areas and lots. Their condition and maintenance are vital to the protection and enhancement of the well being of residents and businesses in adjacent residential neighborhoods and commercial and industrial areas. In order to conserve these valuable property resources in the City, to enhance the residential neighborhoods of the City and protect the safety, health and welfare of the persons who live, work and recreate in the City, the provisions of this code are established. In conforming with the several provisions of the code, the City of Rochester encourages use of techniques which will promote and encourage conservation of energy and other natural resources.

As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:. The Commissioner shall, consistent with the express standards, purposes and intent of this chapter, promulgate, adopt and issue such interpretations, procedural rules, regulations and forms, and amendments thereto, as are in the Commissioner's opinion necessary to effective administration and enforcement of the provisions of this chapter.

These interpretations, rules, regulations and forms shall be available to the public at the office of the Commissioner. Such rules, regulations and forms shall be effective upon filing with the City Clerk, as a communication to City Council. This chapter shall apply to the following premises within the City of Rochester:. Existing buildings and their accompanying yards shall be maintained in conformance with this chapter and the Life Safety Code ChapterNFPA and its latest amendments.

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This chapter shall exclude public streets and rights-of-way. The provisions of this chapter shall be read together with other laws, ordinances, codes or regulations. In the event of a conflict between this chapter and other chapters of the City Code, that provision that provides a greater level of safety shall apply. Installations, alterations and repairs to buildings and materials, and related assemblies and equipment shall also be in conformity with the applicable provisions of the Rochester Building Code, the Fire Prevention Code and the Zoning Code of the City of Rochester, [1] with the Multiple Residence Law of the State of New York, and with any other applicable state or local law, ordinance or regulation.

Liquid-fuel room heaters. Portable room heaters utilizing liquid fuels are prohibited. All warm-air heat systems shall have adequate cold-air returns. If basement cold air is utilized, it must be filtered. General requirements. Existing electrical fixtures, devices, wiring and systems shall be maintained in safe working condition and in a manner which will avoid a potential source of ignition or shock and shall be properly connected to an adequate source of electric power. Fixed wiring, equipment, fixtures and devices shall be firmly secured to the surface on which they are mounted.

Electrical wiring and equipment shall be protected against excessive current demands by properly rated over-current devices installed in approved locations. All panelboards shall be kept free from encumbrances and shall be accessible to occupants or a resident manager at all times. Additional residential requirements. For each additional square feet or fraction thereof, one additional Sexy ads Rochester New York circuit shall be provided. A separate twenty-ampere circuit shall be required within kitchen areas in an appropriate and accessible location for electrical appliances.

An existing single-family dwelling containing not more than six branch circuits shall have a minimum service capacity of volts, sixty-ampere service.

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However, if any additional wiring is required in the system, the service capacity must be upgraded to at least volts, amperes. Adapters shall not be used. However, taps from existing circuits may be allowed if such existing circuits meet the requirements Sexy ads Rochester New York the National Electrical Code as to the following:.

Electrical work shall be installed in a neat and workmanlike manner. Artificial lighting shall be made available to all tenants and guests and shall be connected to the owner's meter. Artificial lighting shall also be made available at all exterior entrance and exit doors. Any new bathroom receptacle outlet shall have ground fault circuit interrupter protection. In multiple dwellings with at least five dwelling units, hardwired interconnected smoke alarms shall be installed in the basement and the public hallways on each floor.

In addition to the above, a smoke or heat alarm shall be installed in the nonresidential portion of a mixed-occupancy building containing five or more dwelling units to activate the alarms located in the public hallways on each floor of the residential portion of the building. In every two-family dwelling, mixed-occupancy dwelling containing two or more families, or multiple dwelling, storm windows, storm doors, band insulation and attic insulation shall be installed. The above requirements shall be satisfied before a certificate of occupancy is issued for transfer of title to a new owner.

The weatherization materials and installation shall be subject to the approval of the Director or Commissioner and in accordance with standards developed by the Director or Commissioner. In multiple dwellings, where the main entrance is equipped with separate bells to each dwelling unit, the main entrance shall remain locked. In every multiple dwelling two or more stories in height, every door opening onto a public hall or stairway shall be equipped with self-closing devices.

Each such self-closing device shall be properly installed and maintained in good working order. A door so equipped shall be able, when released, to close and latch under its own power from a sixty-degree open position. Common screen door spring door closures shall not be used as self-closing devices. In every multiple dwelling over one story in height, every apartment, dwelling unit and rooming unit that does not, for its exclusive use, have direct exit to a street shall have access to at least one additional exit separate from and independent of the primary interior stairway or fire tower, constructed in accordance with the Building Code of the City of Rochester.

In multiple dwellings of less than five units and less than three stories in height, hardwired interconnected smoke alarms may be installed in the basement and in all common areas on each level of the structure in lieu of the required second means of egress. Windows doors and other openings used for ventilation shall be appropriately screened to prevent the entry of mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects. The exterior portions of all premises shall be maintained free from weeds or plant growth in excess of 10 inches mm.

All noxious weeds shall be prohibited. Weeds shall be defined as all grasses, annual plants and vegetation, other than trees or shrubs, provided, however, that this term shall not include cultivated flowers and gardens. A junked vehicle shall not be parked, stored or left in the open unless it is necessary for the operation of a business enterprise lawfully situated on private property. Any other junked vehicle left in the open must be immediately removed from the property to an approved location. Powers of the Commissioner. In addition to whatever powers the Commissioner has, the Commissioner is granted the following powers: [Amended by Ord.

The issuance of such permits shall be governed pursuant to the following:. Procedural requirements relating to und, abandoned and junked vehicles. The notice shall give the property owner and vehicle owner, if known, 10 days from the date of mailing to request a hearing or remove the vehicle. Compliance with the technical rules of evidence shall not be required.

Failure to request a hearing or remove a vehicle within the deated time shall be deemed a waiver of rights and an authorization for the Commissioner to remove said vehicle in accordance with this section. Any excess proceeds shall be returned to the vehicle owner, if known. If the vehicle owner is unknown, the excess proceeds shall be held by the City without interest, for the benefit of the vehicle owner for a period of one year.

If not claimed within the one-year period, the excess proceeds shall be paid into the City's general fund. Junked, und and abandoned vehicles deemed a public nuisance. Notwithstanding any inconsistent provision of any local law or ordinance, any junked, abandoned or und vehicle standing, parked or stored on private or city-owned property in violation of any law or ordinance, within the City of Rochester, shall be deemed a public nuisance which shall be abated by the person or persons causing such public nuisance or by the property owner or by the Commissioner as provided herein. The sale of said vehicles by the City, either immediately or after a required holding period, shall constitute an integral step in the abatement of the nuisance.

When required:. If such a building is occupied in violation of this section, a ticket may be served on the owner of the building. For one-family dwellings or two-family dwellings that are not occupied by an owner, or a spouse, child, parent or sibling of the owner, on September 1,a certificate of occupancy or a conditional certificate of occupancy shall be obtained immediately, but in no event later than 40 days after notice is sent by the City by regular first-class mail to the owner, at the owner's address on file with the City. When waived. One-family and two-family dwellings occupied in whole or in part by the spouse, child, parent or sibling of the owner are eligible to be exempted from the certificate of occupancy requirement upon completion and submission of an exemption request form.

Once approved, the exemption must be renewed every three years through submission of a new exemption request form. Contents of a certificate of occupancy. All certificates of occupancy shall state that the subject dwelling substantially Sexy ads Rochester New York to the provisions of this chapter, the Building Code, the Zoning Code, the New York State Multiple Residence Law if applicable and other provisions of the City Code.

Whenever the interior portion of the inspection for the certificate of occupancy process is waived for a particular unit, in accordance with Subsection B 2it shall be noted on the document. Conditional certificate of occupancy. The Commissioner, in his or her discretion, may issue a conditional certificate of occupancy prior to the occurrence of any of the events enumerated in Subsection A herein when occupancy or use of the building will not jeopardize life or property, and: [Amended by Ord.

Contents of conditional certificate of occupancy. A conditional certificate of occupancy shall state that the subject dwelling complies with the requirements of Subsection E herein and shall specify the purposes for which the building may be used in its several parts.

It shall also specify the date by which the owner of record must obtain the certificate of occupancy specified in Subsection D herein and warn that failure to obtain the certificate of occupancy by the date shall be sufficient cause for revoking the conditional certificate of occupancy without further notice to the owners and other interested parties. Time limitations set forth in conditional certificates of occupancy shall constitute amendments to time limitations imposed by prior notices and orders by the Department. Issuance and filing.

Validity of certificate of occupancy. The owner of record shall apply for and obtain a new certificate of occupancy within 90 days prior to the expiration or termination of a valid certificate of occupancy pursuant to Subsections A 2 or H 1 herein. The Director and Commissioner shall each have the authority to seek inspection warrants, pursuant to Article IPart B, of the Charter of the City of Rochester, where the same are constitutionally required, regardless of whether an application for a certificate of occupancy has been submitted.

Voiding existing certificate of occupancy. Liability for damages. This code shall not Sexy ads Rochester New York construed to hold the City of Rochester responsible for any damages to persons or property by reason of inspections made pursuant to an application for a certificate of occupancy or issuance of or the failure to issue a certificate of occupancy.

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