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We love sharing our sex stories and what better place to do it than on my own blog? Anal is still a bit of a taboo subject but I know a lot of my readers get off on the idea of it and so we have put our favorite stories into this easy to find so that you can browse, read and re-read whenever you need some erotic storytelling. Cumming inside of my ass is also a big yes from me, I love the sensation of it and I would even go as far as to say that I have a bit of an anal sex kink.

I really hope you enjoy our sex stories! Update: If you want the real-life anal pictures and stories submitted from users, myself, and my friends, then up to my private erotic club. We let people and opinions hold us back for too long and now we have gotten to an age where we want to experience it Sex stories anal sex and first on our list was some anal fun and it went much better than either of us had ever expected.

A gorgeous Italian woman stuns this man Sex stories anal sex she invites him back to her apartment after much anticipation and excitement. It leaves you on edge as they undress one another all night Sex stories anal sex as soon as they get back to her apartment, things get hot and heavy, fast. I wanted to give my husband the best anal orgasm of his life and I achieved that by using my pegging sex toy. He has never came like it before, we certainly broke records with this one. A truly erotic tale of events as we follow a couple in Paris for a romantic getaway, they meet a very stylish Parisian couple who show them the ropes and take them back to their apartment where they engage in an amazing orgy.

This story comes to you via my very good friend Mike, he went on business to Japan and there he met an amazing woman who showed him a magnificent time. She was so sweet to him and he was totally breathtaking by her beauty and her ability to make him cum so hard. I loved reading this story, it gives you a wonderful outlook into his experience and makes you incredibly horny.

One of my favorite stories that has been written for me by my good friend Samantha. This story is all about two friends who end up hooking up after years of denying their feelings and it is intense. Samantha brings her best friend to orgasm in her ass and lets him cum inside of her. He was so intriguing, a silver-haired stallion who showed me things my body could do that even I was shocked about. Just as he showed me things, I showed him things I could do for him and in the bedroom, we were a match made in heaven. He was so intrigued by my body and made me feel amazing, the first time I did anal was with him and I loved sharing my story with you.

One of my top rated sex stories, we dive into a crumbling marriage and we find the wife seeking comfort in her father in law. They seduce one another and have some of the most arousing sex I have ever read about. She had always wanted to try out a gangbang and once we knew she was ready we organized it and well, we wanted to share that with you all because it made me so hard and she came so many times that night.

A seductive, sexy story that always has me desperate to touch myself whenever I read it. Being seduced by my brother in law was one of my favorite moments and I was so desperate to share it here. My boyfriend was a complete dick and his older, stronger, more attractive brother fucked me hard at our garden party and unfortunately, my boyfriend walks in on us. His hot oils massage her body as he gets a little bit too close to her pussy and one thing le to another…. After a few drinks my boyfriend and I fucked like animals and breathed in the crisp night air as he filled my ass with his hot cum.

My wife surprised me with an amazing strap-on and fucked me so hard that I ended with a prostate orgasm my first ever. He fucked me so hard in my tight ass filled me with his warm cum. My husband enjoys it when I use a big fat dildo on his cute little ass and really show him who is boss. My boyfriend bought us some restraints to try out in the bedroom, I love the sensation of having no control and being totally submissive.

After years of talking about it, we finally decided it was time to turn my husband into the sissy slut he had always wanted to be. My sissy is such a slut and when I penetrated her ass for the first time she was euphoric. She came so hard and it just turned her into an even bigger anal-loving whore, which I am pleased with.

This gets updated all the time, so the second a new anal story is shared I post it here, so make sure you check back.

Sex stories anal sex

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