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I ended up using my credit arguing with 'girls'. Surely there are genuinely horny women out there but online its just these stupid sites! No wonder dating sites are full I man lying that they want something more serious and just sleeping with people and leaving. I've done it the honest way and it's Sex meet forum me a fortune. Badz Anonymous. Hi everyone. Im a noob here. But love the site. Always read peoples comments. Has anyone heard of the site UK sex meet?

Ive registered a profile on the site. Its not a subscription service you have to buy credits. It seems legit. But im not totally sure. Some of the profiles seem a bit off to me. Ive searched google for answers and drawn a blank. Has anyone tried this site? If so. What was your experience? Would like to get to the bottom of this. On my profile ive included my address. And asked if girls could contact me by instead of buying the points. Havent had a single. Which makes me wonder about this site. Horny girls looking to hookup.

You would have thought i would have received at least one from a member. This site allows me to put contact info in my profile. Nothing yet. Anyone out there tried this site pls. Falyboy Anonymous. This site is one of the biggest scams, only fake people, and i got in contact with more then 10 so called women, and the wantrd to scam me, asking for bank details. And sending fake pictures, the funny part was if i asked for a new picture, recent oane they will send me another girls picture, they are really dumb.

Be careful and avoid it. Charles Anonymous. Hi all, I just ed up and started by viewing profiles on mainI instantly recognised a good few of these girls from a site, it is a scam, avoid at all costs. Hoppers Anonymous. Quote by: Anonymous Avoid!!

Mr C No Butts Anonymous. My viewed you section and inbox filled up surprisingly quckly and looked positive on reiewing its content. However on contacting over 30 women of various ages I began to find the chat always came in 3 line pragraphs and perfect English, grammer and punctuation, Sex meet forum, with similar topics and 'one liners' of conversation. Having then go tinto chat with many of these Sex meet forum It very soon became clear they were no there for 'hook ups' or ' no strings' fairly soon but wante dto 'get to know me better' even if they were single o rmarried.

Also I was asked b y several I fi had any hobbies? Helloim not here to discuss train spotting o rstamp collecting, im here to meet with lik eminded woman for no complications sex. JW Anonymous. I am in total agreement with the other comments on here, this site is an expensive load of rubbish. I recently, in-fact, today received a call from someone I don't know warning me that this site is a scam. I was talking to a girl Called 'TeasingTina' sounds tempting right Apparently this woman is in fact a different woman every time I got a message.

Now this lady who video called me through gmail said that her friend works for them and she happened to catch the first part of my and just put the gmail. What she says makes sense, because sometimes I would mention something to someone I had spoken to and she would not remember what I had said even though we discussed it at great length.

Trust me this site is a load of crap stay clear at all costs. Amanda Anonymous. The company that own it employ women to reply to messages. My friend does this and gets paid 15p per message. All of these 'hook-up' sites are scams. You will never get a woman's phone let alone an actual real life meeting! Some men have wasted thousands on these sites without realising that they are not speaking to the woman in the photo.

Please wise up, guys - if you want to meet a real woman then a well known reputable site, not these sleazy con sites. New Topic Post Reply. All times are EDT. The time is now pm. Search Search.

Sex meet forum

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