Rss feed ios tutorial

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in. An RSS file consists of both static information a b out the feed as well as dynamic items. These items are usually news articles or blog entries, but they can be about any web-accessible content. XML elements are values set off by tags which are one of three types:. RSS feeds have a well defined format.

Each news item contains a title, link, publication date, full description and other fields. The different RSS standards out there e. RSS 2. From my experience parsing XML, it appears that, even if an organization or blogger claims to conform to a particular RSS spec, the actual content structure varies tremendously across different feed sources. Essentially, each RSS feed is like no other.

Once you have found an RSS feed that you want to work with, take a close look at the actual feed structure. You have to understand the XML structure of the feed in order to make sure the data you are presenting in your app matches up exactly with the news items as they appear in the feed. Now that we know the exact structure of our XML file, we can begin the parsing.

First, we should create a Rss feed ios tutorial parser class. Next, we define some key properties of this class. It instantiates the actual parser object, sets the class instance as the parser delegate, and begins parsing the contents of a given URL. As we parse through our RSS feed, we append each distinct entry to parsedData. Here we set currentElement to the value of elementName which represents a tag name from our RSS feed. The isHeader flag allows us to skip over irrelevant entries and aids us with media url capture.

Here, we remove all whitespace and newline characters, then add a new key-value pair to currentData. Given our setup, once the parser goes through the entire XML file, we will have all of our relevant and nicely formatted entries in parsedData. Useful links:. Get started. Open in app. in Get started. Get started Open in app. What Is RSS? RSS Explained - www. The iPhone SDK comes with two different…. More From Medium. Chinmay Venkata Sabbam in Art of Coding. Pramod Dutta. Denis Gikundi. Andrei Tognolo in Wise Engineering. Multiple Test Labs.

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Rss feed ios tutorial

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