Rios london spa

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The mind conjures something wonderful at the thought of a naturist spa : beautiful bodies, reclining in a mixture of sensuality and healthy relaxation; subtle, suggestive sexuality and a discrete form of well-behaved voyeurism and exhibitionism intermingled. So what does that actually mean? Is it a swinging free-for all with hot tubs? Is it classy? Is it seedy? I gathered together my most honoured entourage of sexy friends and headed there to see if Rios is a good way to spend a Sunday.

Yes, everything is cleaned. Rios london spa, the water is highly chlorinated. So did I go as a single woman? Well no. Technically I went as a couple. It was the first 4 of us, and were only the second arrivals. At the entrance lobby was a smiling lady behind a perspex- plate counter, where we paid and got our free towels.

We stripped down, put our things away and wandered out with just towels wrapped around us. The building opens to a large room full of indoor sun loungers facing a large screen TV showing football, with a backdrop decorated with paintings and sculptures of beautiful bodies. We put our drinks behind the bar, where they were labelled to be reserved upon request in plastic cups, and had some of the complimentary coffee. He also gave us some spare towels from behind the bar all gratis and we went to enjoy the hot tubs. There is just something about it that is both wonderfully sensuous, decadent, and somehow still incredibly naughty.

They were mainly single men, though there were some couples and a few women who arrived in pairs with each other. Nobody tried to touch me though — and that is both important and rare. Largely, the vibe at Rios was very social and sociable, with a mixture of friendly regulars, some newbies, and probably a lot Rios london spa people visiting who were just travelling through London for business or pleasure. Looking hot is all in the presentation. Your attitude does. If you are going to be a vain glamour-puss like me, bring makeup remover wipes and makeup to fix your face afterwards.

I will have to be less subtle in future. You must log in to post a comment. You must be logged in to post a comment. Red toe nails are a classic look for naked hot tub chic. Inside a sauna somewhere. This lovely lady would have been asked to remove her bikini. This is a spa somewhere else, for illustrative purposes only.

Unfortunately, this fine young fellow was not included in the price. Buy the book every swinger needs! Share this: Twitter Facebook Tumblr. Log in to Reply. Loading Comments

Rios london spa

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Sunday Afternoon at Rio’s Naturist Spa – Rios review by a single woman