Red nose pitbull pup

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The Red Nose Pitbull is an intelligent, active dog that is worth getting to know. But what is the truth behind Pitbulls, specifically the Red Nose Pitbull? During the mids, a strain of Pitties was bred in and around Ireland and was initially known as Old Family Dogs. Red Nose Pitbulls caught the attention of many as they excelled in the pit due to their ferocity and gameness.

It led the creators of these Pitbulls to use selective breeding to retain the purity of the strain. Eventually, around the midsthis particular strain of Pitties made their way to the US together with Irish immigrants. Modern Red Nose Pitties may not have that true Red Nose look as other strains or lines have already diluted the gene.

Most of these dogs have a beautifully peculiar red, brown, or copper color to their fur, lips, and nails, plus striking amber eyes. Red Nose Pitbulls can also have patterns of white or cream all over their body, mostly on their chest and toes.

They have an athletic and stocky build that makes them a bit larger than an average Pitbull. Their chiseled head is like a brick, with broadpowerful jaws. A muscular neck and a full chest give the unmistakable impression of strength. The Red Nose Pit classifies as a medium-sized dog.

A female Red Nose Pitbull can grow around 17 to 20 inches 43 to 51 cm in height and can weigh between 30 to 50 pounds 14 to 23 kg. The male Red Nose Pitbull can grow a bit taller and heavier. A male can reach up to 22 inches 56 cm in height and can be as massive as 65 pounds 29 kg. The Blue Nose Pitbull has fur in various shades of gray, some with a hint of blue. With the Blue Nose Pitbull, the gene that causes its coloring affects melanin production. Since they differ in color, these two Pitbull varieties also have different costs.

Aside from the color and price, the Red Nose and Blue Nose Pitbull are mostly similar as they are from the same family. Both are just American Pit Bull Terriers in different colors. It is possible that Pitbulls are the most controversial dog. The answer to this age-old question, though, is NO. Pitbulls are not a dangerous breed, especially if their owners or breeders raise them properly. The truth is that all dogs have the potential or tendency to be dangerous. Pitties who are raised with fear or aggression will be unpredictable in situations where they feel threatened.

With the right owner, Red Nose Pitbulls are gentle, friendly creatures. A Red Nose Pitbull craves interaction and the companionship with their favorite humans. This breed is ideal for families that have experienced taking care of larger breeds. That said, before going for this breed, you should know how to raise and train them properly.

The APBT is one of the most physically capable dogs today. Have you seen those videos where some of them even scale walls? To help him stay healthy and blow off steam or burn his pent-up energy, the Red Nose Pit needs frequent and extensive exercise.

This breed is more suitable for homes where he can enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities. Some owners would even build obstacle courses for their Pitbull to give their dog more physical activity and agility training. A tired Red Nose Pitbull would happily curl up beside you after spending the whole day being active.

Without enough exercise or play, your dog can experience unhealthy weight gain and face more health issues. A bored Red Nose Pittie may also be destructivewreaking havoc on your furniture. Most Pitties are a dream to train! Establish that you are the alpha from the moment you bring him home. Regardless if he followed your commands or not, always show love and affection to your Red Nose Pit. If ever you get into a battle Red nose pitbull pup wills with your dog, use the modern force-free training method.

All you have to do is quickly provide a reward for your dog whenever he does something right, like praise, treats, or a favorite toy. The more socialization your Pittie gets, the better it will behave in unfamiliar situations. You have to teach your dog that not everything and everyone around them is a threat. From puppyhood, expose your Red Nose Pitbull to new experiences as often as you can. Let your Pittie meet your neighbors and friends, human or otherwise, but make sure your dog feels safe. This will help desensitize your Pittie and make him feel calmer.

If well-socializedyour Red Red nose pitbull pup Pit will be the friendliest dog on the block. They would think everyone loves them and give all the love they have to everyone as well. You should also make a safe space for your Red Nose Pit somewhere in the house that is a family-free zone. Give your dog somewhere to retreat if their surroundings are getting a bit too much for them to handle.

This canine can suffer from separation anxiety and express his frustration in destructive ways. If you often have to be away from home for longer than that, make crate-training a priority. Aside from making your dog happy by giving him exercise and training daily, you have to take care of his basic needs, too. One of the best things about Pitbulls is that grooming is such a breeze with their short, smooth coat.

Unfortunately, the Red Nose Pitbull is not hypoallergenic ; they shed moderately twice a year. Give him a bath once a month or when neededusing an all-natural doggie shampoo to make sure his coat stays vibrant and healthy. You must also inspect his ears Red nose pitbull pup least once a week to prevent infections. Clean the area around his eyes to avoid staining and keep eye infections at bay.

Once they reach six months, you can switch his schedule to just three meals a day. Your dog needs fat, too, but keep it in moderation. He would also need some calcium in his food to help his bones grow properly and to help him get that unmistakable Pittie stance.

Never have a bowl of food available at all times, as this will make it easier for your Red Nose Pit puppy to overfeed himself. Once your Red Nose Pittie reaches the age of 18 monthsits diet should be adjusted again according to his size and activity level. If you have a larger Pitbull closer to the higher end of the average weight rangehe would need 3 cups of dry food divided into three meals a day. Smaller Pitties will be satisfied with two-thirds of a cup or less daily. You may also think that their high activity levels mean they need more food.

A fit and healthy Pitbull should have an hourglass figure when you look down at his body, and you should feel his ribs during tummy rubs. Their ature posture can hurt their ts. Their heavy frames and the position of their legs put a strain on their ligaments, which can cause chronic damage and even leg lameness.

Aside from skin issues such as allergies, Pitbulls are also likely to suffer retinal degradation. Take your Red Nose Pit to the vet if you see such symptoms. Just like all Pitbulls, the Red Nose Pit is a hardy dog that has a lifespan of up to 14 years. Some have been known to reach 16 years or even longer. Expect to pay even more if you were able to find a breeder that can give you a Red nose pitbull pup Nose Pittie linked to the Old Family strain. It is best to look for a breeder that loves Pitties and is earnest about changing the negative reputation of these dogs by producing the best puppies possible.

The good thing is there are a lot of breeders that love Pitbulls and Red Nose Pitties in particular. These breeders make sure their puppies are in excellent health and have an even temperament. One of the great things about rescuing a Pittie is being able to give a loving dog a chance to have a family again. Another benefit is that rescuing a Red Nose Pittie is usually more affordable than buying a pup from a breeder.

You can also get in touch with these rescue groups:. Some shelters will even train their dogs to follow basic commands. Did you know that you can also contact rescue groups for training services and vet care for your adopted dog?

Red nose pitbull pup

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