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Depending on how much feedback you may have received at this point, consolidating all of this great information may seem like a daunting task. That task becomes, even more, epic if it were suggested that you select only two to three words to describe yourself. This is one of the goals that the Fascination Advantage assessment gives you; build a tagline for your personality that is very short phrases, only two to three words. This short phrase will become your anthem. It is not easy. You will not get it right the first time. It is an iterative process but for that process to begin you have to just start.

Does a personal tagline seem silly to you? It did to me too at first. There are others but there are the two that continue to stand out to me. Having a concise phrase, snapshot or anthem to describe yourself to other people is a big confidence booster. Think about the last time you were asked about yourself. How did you answer? Did you fumble over your words?

Did you use your job title in your introduction? Think of this process as a big funnel. Our goal is to start with as much as we can and filter it all down into a concise two to three-word phrase that describes you. We are going to start by listing out on a Personal taglines examples sheet of paper all of the phrases you identified as really resonating with you, from your assessment and your trusted advisors. Now that you have a list of phrases that best describe you, read through the phrases and look for commonalities between the phrases. Where you see you see similar phrases combine them into one.

The goal is to narrow down the phrases into something more manageable. After combining all of the similar phrases that describe you, the next thing to do is group the remaining phrases into logical. In my case, the phrases can be group into 3 broad : problem-solving, innovative ideas, achieving goals. You probably saw this one coming but now review each of your and narrow each category down into a single paragraph with no more than three sentences. During this process, you consider why certain mechanisms, processes, programs, or rules failed in the Personal taglines examples.

You entertain ideas and share your perspective on the best ways to reach a goal, solve problems with fresh, creative solutions to help you quickly solve problems or increase productivity. Because you are creative, innovative, sharp-witted, inventive, original, and resourceful, you are always ready to challenge the familiar path as you seek to discover new and inventive ways to attain and achieve goals. Take your three sentences, narrow them down to one concise sentence for each category. Problem Solving. However, now it gets harder. Start by developing a single sentence that encompasses all three sentences in your.

Now replace the word You with I, me or my. Think about your tagline for a minute. Does it accurately describe you? Can you say it with confidence? Looking for another challenge? Personal taglines examples you get your tagline down to 3 words?

You may remember from my review of the Fascination Advantage assessment, there is a section on building your personal anthem. The purpose of the anthem is to find the perfect words to describe yourself. The anthem is short, using no more than three words and should reflect your tagline. Taking into both your primary and secondary advantages that means you get 6 words to describe you.

I struggled with this one of a long time. Narrowing down my tagline into three words seemed impossible. But as my personality type indicates I do, I took a lot of time to think about it. I also took an unconventional approach. To start, I took all of my phrases listed above and put them into the word cloud generator, wordlewhich generated this picture. A few things stood out to me from this exercise. First, the word goals. It also happens to align with one of my 6 words for my personality advantages.

Two words down. One to go to. Other words stood out to me in the word cloud as well; new ways, ideas, problem solver, innovative, creative, fresh and inventive. All of those can be boiled down to these three words: creative problem solver. While I like creative problem solver, it also seems tied and used to me. The video, by the way, is excellent and I recommend you watch the entire video, however, to find my light bulb moment fast forward to the minute mark.

Did you catch it? A Hacker. But not the computer kind that geeks out on code. Instead, this kind of Hacker:. Innovators who challenge and change the systems to make them work differently, to make them work better. Holy cow. Re-read my single sentence. A hacker, when defined in this manner, completely fits with that sentence. I do challenge the systems and processes in companies that have become the norm, the Status Quo.

In the process of challenging the systems, I develop new ways, fresh and creative ideas that solve problems and ultimately change a system so it works better and most of the time differently. I am a Hacker. But not the computer one as I stated before. Instead, I am a:.

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Personal taglines examples

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