One direction dating quiz with story

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And, duh, Zayn still counts! They are all cute and dreamy. Would you play it cool and smile? Or blush like crazy? Find out which of the boys in 1D is your perfect match. The one that is your dream date in One Direction. How do you react? Play it cool and smile Tell them how amazing they are Blush like crazy Compliment their style. How did he do it? Walked up and simply asked Wrote a cute note Slowly dropped hints before finally asking the question Popped up and surprised me with a present. When we have long deep talks When we have fun and break the rules Cuddling on the couch with take-out When we go dancing.

What's least likely to bother you? They have too many female friends They can be predictable They read too many comics or play too many video games They're never serious. What do you do? One direction dating quiz with story Gasp and wait for him to excuse himself! Who cares? It was an accident. How does he apologize? Serenades me with a song he wrote Writes a really personal letter Takes me to an ultra-fancy restaurant Plans a big last-minute trip. The chase Being swept off my feet Being treated like a princess Feeling like I can always be myself. What does he do? Tells me all the fun stuff he's done Asks me about my week Apologizes for being late Flashes that winning smile.

What kind of story is it? Girl falls for troubled boy Girl meets shy guy, who sweeps her off her feet Girl falls for her best friend Girl gets whisked away by a rich millionare. All the cool trips we can take together Being popular Having elegant parties Having the chance to meet and learn from important people. Start Quiz. Get new quizzes every day. Like us on Facebook! About This Quiz Eeek!

One direction dating quiz with story

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Which One Direction Guy Is Your Dream Date?