Nude family gathering

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Published on: June 7, Publication date: June 07,p. For a couple of weeks, the La Rioja area in Spain is Nude family gathering. A group of people who make up a hippie group known as The Rainbow Family he is camping in Nude family gathering of the valleys of the region. Several Spanish media point out that some members are naked all the time and have sex group. According to what the local media published Rioja2, between and people occupied land around the Portilla river, a few kilometers from the Mansilla reservoir.

It is about the encounter that occurs during a lunar cycle, while those who participate in the organization spend time between workshops on reiki, yoga, botany, chakra healing or tantra. According to the route made by the Spanish media, there are people of all ages and from different countries, such as Chile, Israel, France, Germany and many parts of Spain. The main actions that they carry out until June 15, the day on which the lunar cycle they celebrate ends, are get together twice a day in a circle around the fire to sing and dance. In addition, they eat in a group, always vegan foods.

So far there have been no concrete complaints of exhibitionism. The Civil Guard reported that found no presence of illegal drugs in the camping area, although there are medications such as viagradetailed the medium Ser string. In addition, the officers did denounce the lack of hygiene conditions and protocol measures by the COVID For this reason, the official affirmed that for now they are not going to evict them, but that complaints were filed in that regard.

It is a hippie community that settled two weeks ago and intends to stay until June Disclaimer: This article is generated from the feed and not edited by our team.

Nude family gathering

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Nudity and group sex: what is the truth behind the “Rainbow Family”, which they want to evict from Spain