New year resolutions for christians

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Last year I resolved to learn to rope. I need more hours in the saddle before I am ready to handle a rope, too. And it was fun! This year — well, I have some goals and plans, but the most important one is not a cut-and-dried goal…. To spend more time with my husband in his work. And to be more fully engaged with local Christians — fellowshipping, meeting, caring, spending time together.

I hate how life has a way of just slipping along and before you know it, the year is gone and who did I actually take time to sit down and care about?! I want to change that. It might make a good study for the month of January. Take 3 days on each point, study what God has to say on the subject. Matthew It is so easy to get worked up about things; people who wrong us, family drama, church drama, etc. But resolve to be the one who brings peace. Be the one who initiates peace and unity. John Jesus made the statement that he only does those things that please the Father.

He is our Older Brother and our perfect example — so we too, should only do the things that please our Father. We are not saved and justified just so we can do whatever we like — our salvation comes at a great price! Therefore, Paul tells us, you are not your own. But it is not pointless. Nothing done for Christ is lost. To triumph over depression, bad moods, grumpy attitudes, jealousy, selfishness — New year resolutions for christians is a bigger miracle than healing from sickness!

Ask God to fill you with His Spirit, and walk in obedience and humility, and you will begin to triumph in Christ! Dying to my need to be right, dying to my need to be respected, dying to my need for comfort… dying to ME daily. Faith that He will fulfill His Word. Faith that God will take care of me, also faith that He will punish sinners — like He said. Faith that He will guide me every day. Faith that if I live a life fully given to God, and walk by the power of the Spirit — everything I do will be rewarded by God.

Maybe not in this life — maybe not physically — but rewards of an eternal nature. Unexpected trials. If we have this faith in our hearts, we can be like the apostles who sang hymns at midnight when they were in jail. Acts But here we can go back to giving our bodies as a living sacrifice ; giving thanks whether we feel thankful or not!

End of story. It is a command, and this is where we need to obey in faith. If you start giving thanks regularly, I bet you will start to have more peace in tough circumstances. It just works that way! We want to do things we want to do. We have freedom, right? So we should not take that lightly. Our eating habits, manner of dress, how we care for our bodies — these things all need to be surrendered to jesus and His Lordship.

I want my body to glorify Him this year. Only what God thinks of me, matters! Whether others think we are good, or whether they think we are bad — throw it into the trash! I only consider whether God is pleased with me. Be lowly. Be humble. The best man in the church is the man who is willing to be a doormat for all to New year resolutions for christians their boots on, the brother who does not mind what happens to him at all, so long as God is glorified. It surely has given me a lot to think about, as I looked up verses and reflected on these things.

May God bless your new year, and may your life reflect His, in every way. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Be a peacemaker. Only do things that are pleasing to God. Always do the work of the Lord. Triumph in Christ. Die to self every day. Walk by faith. Always be rejoicing in the Lord.

Acts 8. Give thanks for everything. Let Christ be exalted in my body. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Ok .

New year resolutions for christians

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Should Christians make New Year's resolutions?