New to sac looking for a single friend

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Known as River City, Sacramento offers the most scenic waterfront views and river escapades California has to offer. Enjoy all the different delicacies, learn something new from one destination to the next, and feel fully refreshed after a quick dip from the different beaches and enthralling lakes. Tour around the ever-blooming nightlife and enjoy the scenic landscapes and crisp cool air of nature-filled parks by day.

With so many things to choose from, where do we begin? Old Sacramento Historic Park is a renowned National Historic Landmark that takes you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane with its well preserved infrastructures. Walk down the peaceful ro and streets of this gorgeous park as you enjoy an enchanting view of the Spanish-influenced structures and buildings or tour around the local shops and dine in at the restaurants that line the area.

New to sac looking for a single friend

Spanning over a massive area of 14 acres with over animals in different habitats, the Sacramento Zoo is one of the most famous attractions in Sacramento to visit for a peak at the immense biodiversity the city has. Enjoy a close encounter with all the majestic creatures in this zoo as you learn about their way of life, their quirks, characteristics, and how the zoo-keepers alongside the owners strive in preserving and protecting them.

The Crocker Art Museum, formerly known as the E. Crocker Art Gallery, is one of the oldest art museums in the whole country with its establishment dating all the way back in Stroll around and be mesmerized by one of the largest collections of international ceramics in the U. S alongside an equally large collection from Asia, Africa and Europe as you learn all about the origin, history and ificance of all the different pieces.

Taking a quick dip or simply enjoying the gorgeous waters and well-maintained area of the Tiscornia Park is one of the best free things to do in Sacramento for both locals and tourists around the area. Enjoy this gorgeous riverside recreation area alongside a sandy beach as you go on a refreshing swim, ride a boat for a wonderful fishing experience, and maybe bring a mat with some snacks for a peaceful picnic. The California State Indian Museum is a museum in the state park system of California that offers a diverse experience for tourists and locals alike.

Revel in all the different roses alongside gorgeous installations, arches and great green open spaces at the Natomas Rose Garden for a peaceful and serenity-filled tour as you learn New to sac looking for a single friend thing or two about nurturing, culturing and identifying different types of roses. With a wide variety of restored engines, rolling stock, railroad artwork, and interactive exhibits, everyone is bound for an eventful and delightful trip in this museum that is perfect for both rail enthusiasts and first time visitors alike.

Explore the wide array of railroad exhibits this museum has to offer as you traverse down the paths ancestors of Sacramento once walked on, and as you relive the different moments of history that have become pivotal in distinct eras of the city. Related: Best Things to Do in Redding. Enjoy a nice day underneath the heat in the Sand Cove Park in Sacramento for a fun escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This park offers a wide variety of activities and an expanse of green spaces amidst a sandy beach that is sprawled along the American River. Nature areas and several trails are also nearby that are perfect for those searching for an immersive experience amongst the lush trees and wilderness. Take a dip, sunbathe, or maybe just walk along the shores of this beautiful park open to visitors far and wide. As you breathe the cool air, you can take it a step further by visiting the different trails and pathways for the nature areas of this park for a glimpse of the thriving plants and shrubs that inhabit the city.

Enjoy a trip to this museum complete with historical pieces, an informative and in-depth journey about California, and even a kids-zone for people travelling with kids; a perfect destination for those wanting to learn more about the state in an entertaining and immersive manner. During the early s, Crest Theatre was one of the first ever established premier movie places in Sacramento. Watch a movie, show or a concert inside this theatre. Maybe even attend an event? Whichever you choose will certainly be a magical experience as you witness how the new and the old come to life in this beautiful historical landmark.

This restaurant offers both meat and vegan options and the finest wines Sacramento has to offer to create the perfect dining experience.

New to sac looking for a single friend

With a wide variety of attractions that can be enjoyed by everyone, Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park Sacramento is one of the most entertaining and amusing destinations to visit in the city. Here you can release your inner child or have the youngsters have New to sac looking for a single friend go to conquer different sets of obstacles, jump around as they release all that energy, and have a blast attempting different stunts and flips.

Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Sacramento is a cathedral of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States and is the mother church of the city. This church is undoubtedly one of the best things to see in Sacramento, especially for people that are searching for the greatest landmarks, sites and historical infrastructures to visit within the city.

Attend a mass, or simply tour around and enjoy the gorgeous interior de of the Cathedral of The Blessed Sacrament as you revisit the collection of records and stories about the transition of Sacramento from a mining town into a capital city through remnants of the past in this church.

Related: Things to Do Near Sacramento. Elk Grove Park offers 3. Featuring over 25 crazy attractions that include more than 20 Sacramento water slides, an ft. Tower Bridge Sacramento, CA Sacramento Antique Faire is a famous collectibles marketplace always held on the second Sunday of every month along with Vendors from throughout Northern California and beyond for an amazing shopping and searching experience like no other.

Go on a treasure hunt and pack your bags as you scavenge around antique and vintage goods such as furniture, clothing, jewelry, military, garden items, farmhouse decor, architectural salvage, lighting, and so much more in the Sacramento Antique Faire! The Underground Tasting Room is deed specifically for people who appreciate and love high quality wines, food pairing recommendations, direct access to wineries and want to experience the art of wine in a whole different perspective. Dine and savor the perfect wine and assemble your own personal food combination at this fascinating winery huddled deep within Sacramento as you relish the best flavors in the city and is the perfect date for couples looking for a unique spot this weekend.

Tour around this massive mansion and delve deep into the different aspects of the mansion, whether architectural or aesthetic. Valley Hi-North Laguna Library is a trendy library in Sacramento nestled in an accessible location that offers a convenient spot for locals to study and a fascinating and ambient place to visit for tourists to visit.

With a beautifully illuminated interior and a meticulously orchestrated New to sac looking for a single friend de, every spot of this library offers a warm embrace with a vibrant environment and is perfect for those searching for the perfect spot to just sit down, read a book and relax. Pick up a book, choose a corner, and spend the day on a relaxing time of solitude. Explore the curated exhibits and well-preserved pieces of the massive automobile collection for an unmatched experience when it comes to cars in the city, and prepare for an entertaining, educational and history-filled encounter with the different pieces.

Searching for the best things to do in Sacramento tonight? Midtown district of Sacramento offers a diverse restaurant scene with a wide variety of trendy dining experiences along with exquisite craft breweries served at inclusive bars and nightclubs. Not only that, but this district also features a mix of independent galleries, clothing boutiques, and vintage shops for those looking for a shopping experience and even several music venues for concerts and other musical performances readily available for public entertainment.

Saunter down the nightlife of this district as you enjoy the thriving businesses that glow up during darker hours, and enjoy the immaculate cuisine and tastes Sacramento has to offer with every bite among multiple options to choose from. Recommended Hotel Nearby: Westin Sacramento. Fairytale Town offers children and families a safe place to explore their imagination while having educational fun. Explore all 26 playsets and recreational attractions based on some of the most famous nursery rhymes and fairytales alongside a friendly flock of farm animals for a storybook-like setting.

Discovery Park is the perfect boating area in the city where the American River meets the Sacramento River. The Dive Bar nestled deep within the city is, without a doubt, one of the best things to do in Sacramento, CA, especially for those looking for a completely one-of-a-kind and authentic experience. Enjoy a magical experience with the Dive Bar through Mermaid Magic every night as mermaid performers swim through 40 ft saltwater aquariums with their world famous shows while bartenders serve you the most unique concoctions.

Live DJs will set you up on dazzling aquarium tank light-shows. Attend an event, spend a good time with friends, or your special someone, as you go through an enchanting experience with every single fascinating attraction and entertainment portion in this beautiful bar. Build your own drink, or have the bartender surprise you with all the different options on the menu for a genuine encounter like no other.

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New to sac looking for a single friend

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New to sac looking for a single friend

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