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A traditional girl Lynn Redgrave resists the advances of a swinger James Mason who wants her as his mistress in s London. Ted : Your wife is at peace, Mr. A quick and merciful death. I don't suppose she ever knew what hit her. James Leamington : Something hit her? In. Play trailer Comedy Drama Romance. Director Silvio Narizzano. Margaret Forster screenplay Peter Nichols screenplay. Top credits Director Silvio Narizzano. Trailer Georgy Girl. Photos Top cast Edit. Lynn Redgrave Georgy as Georgy. Charlotte Rampling Meredith as Meredith. Bill Owen Ted as Ted.

Clare Kelly Doris as Doris. Denise Coffey Peg as Peg. Terence Soall Salesman as Salesman. Silvio Narizzano. Margaret Forster screenplay novel Peter Nichols screenplay. More like this. Storyline Edit. A Movie georgie girl but vivacious young woman dodges the amorous attentions of her father's middle-aged employer while striving to capture some of the glamorous life of her swinging London roommate.

The wildest thing to hit the world since the mini-skirt! Did you know Edit. Trivia Vanessa Redgrave backed out of the role of Georgy just before shooting started. Her sister Lynn picked up the part instead. Goofs In the early scene at the piano where Georgy's father has brought her a dress to wear to a birthday party, she's wearing glasses when he starts to say, "Oh, please yourself," but not wearing them before he finishes the line.

Quotes Ted : Your wife is at peace, Mr. Connections Featured in The Lady with the Torch User reviews 65 Review. Top review. God always has a custard pie up His sleeve. Marvelous film, an extension of the British kitchen-sink dramas from earlier in the decade but with a friskier spiritintroduced audiences to Vanessa Redgrave's kid sister, Lynn in an Oscar-nominated performance.

She's Georgina, a too-tall, plain and frumpy, kissless clown, a nursery school teacher who plays second-fiddle to her more beautiful flat-mate--and harbors a crush on her pal's sexy boyfriend in the bargain. While dodging the advances of her father's wealthy employer, Georgina also serves as nursemaid to her roommate when she becomes pregnant, never dreaming of the circumstances to follow. From Margaret Forster's novel, which she co-adapted with Peter Nichols, the film is visually alive, stylish and skittering about with "free and easy" abandon yet with moral choices and a sobering heart at its center.

Redgrave is nothing short of fabulous here; her "Georgy" is often slumped over sulking, an easy mark with little sense of humor--she's either completely inflexible or terribly over-eager. The writing is so clever and enticing for everyone on-screen that the supporting characters tend to upstage Redgrave and, indeed, her moods are exasperating near the endbut Lynn is a wonderful presence. Also excellent: Charlotte Rampling as pregnant Meredith who gets the film's most viciously funny linesAlan Bates as her devilish lover, and James Mason Movie georgie girl the older man who is the first to harbor a fancy for our heroine.

A delightful bit of comedy-drama, one of the few from this era not to use 'mod' touches to set the time and place. It is as fresh and breezy today as in FAQ 3. What is 'Georgy Girl' about? Is 'Georgy Girl' based on a book? How does the movie end? Details Edit. Release date October 17, United States. United Kingdom. Sony Movie Channel United States. English Italian. Georgy - En ploygirl. Columbia Pictures Everglades Productions. Box office Edit.

Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1h 39min. Black and White. Related news. Vanessa Redgrave movies: 15 greatest films ranked worst to best. Feb 20 Gold Derby. Nov 20 Trailers from Hell. Contribute to this Suggest an edit or add missing content. Top Gap. Is Georgy Girl Movie georgie girl by a different name in India in English? If yes, what is it known as? Edit. Top New Shows of So Far. See the full list. Get some picks. Recently viewed Please enable browser cookies to use this feature.

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Movie georgie girl

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