Match or matches

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Learner's Dictionary mobile search. Learner's Dictionary. He was more than a match for his opponent. She knew after the first game that she had met her match. Everyone thought that they were a match made in heaven. He was a good match for her because they shared the same interests. He got into a shouting match with his neighbor. They got into a shoving match. The curtains match the carpet perfectly.

She was wearing a beautiful skirt, but her sweater didn't match it. The curtains and carpet don't match. He's a large man with hands to match. The pillows on the couch all match. Your socks don't match each other. My mom is always trying to match me up with her friends' daughters. Their stories didn't match up. His story doesn't match up with the facts.

Nothing will ever match the sheer excitement of that game. The movie didn't match our expectations. Nobody can match him at golf. The car has a record of reliability that's hard to match. The company's growth has been matched by the increase in its political influence. I've never seen anything to match this spectacle. The two runners were matching each other stride for stride. It Match or matches a close game between two evenly matched teams. The company will match employee contributions to the insurance plan. He could never hope to match his brother's success.

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Match or matches

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match or matches