Maso mastiff puppies

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This breed has been in development for over a decade and will take several more years to complete. The temperament of the Maso is very stable. He is a kind and gentle dog who adores kids, loves water, is eager to please his master and is therefore easily trained. The Maso is highly intelligent, a proud, noble and Maso mastiff puppies breed. They can also act quite clownish at times, even when they are sound asleep, as you will see pictured below! The size of the Giant Maso is about same size as the Old English Mastiff, and much to our surprise, some, not all, are even bigger, at less than a year old!!!

Despite their large size, they are excellent in the house, due to their calm laid back and observant nature. They are intimidating in size and naturally protective of their family and territory. They are very quiet dogs. If they bark there is a reason. So far they have an uncanny ability to Maso mastiff puppies between friends and intruders.

The breed will be established once they have bred consistently for several generations. So far the are awesome!!! We are so impressed with our new Masso! Did you already house train them a little. She has a little bit of trouble with the crate training at night, but then again I have a little trouble with the crate training.

It seems so cruel. She is very lovable. We love her. Sophie is so sweet and smart. She is exactly what we wanted. Dee masos glow with healthy shiny coats! I see there is a HUGE demand for a mastiff that will be healthier, more atheletic and should live a longer life! They also love water to play in!! Some are now taller than both their parents at only 1 year old. If you purchase one of these pups, you may be required to fill out questionaires from time to time, on their growth, temperaments, health, etc, so we can monitor the progress of this amazing new breed. Look at the neck on this 8 week old pup!!!!

Our goals are also to have a mastiff with a longer lifespan, and one who does not slobber at all, but having the gentle, noble, lovable disposition of the mastiff in general. The Giant Maso will be the Mastiff of all Mastiffs. Our goal is to have them enjoy a longer life, a healthier life, be more atheletic, more intelligent and trainable, without the slobber, or the health problems. It took decades of human intervention to create the dog breeds of today. Unfortunately, many uneducated, biased. So very sad…. We consider a mutt, a dog that was not intentionally bred for a purpose, a dog of unknown origins, who may not know who his daddy is or even what his mama is…BUT…They are still special…ALL dogs started out as so called mutts or crossbreeds, until time, and careful, consistent breeding patterns and PEOPLE, made then a breed… A dog does NOT have to be AKC registered to be a purebred dog.

There are many, many registries out there that recognise old breeds, new breeds, deer breeds and developing breeds…. Thunderheart Mastiffs. Wild Hearts Wood Creations.

Maso mastiff puppies

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