Marriage not dating ep 1 recap

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Post a Comment. Our first episode starts with the really cute intro. Ki Tae reaches the courthouse and tries to quickly enter, but security stops him. A sweating Ki Tae hands over his wallet and struggle to get his watch off. Judge looks up at her surprised. She must've been insane. He has to go testify for someone. The guard asks his relationship with the defendant. Shot of Jang Mi.

Ki Tae stumbles in the courtroom and Jang Mi seems surprised to see him there. He looks at her and smiles. Jang Mi is going all out: flowers, candles, flower pedals, champagne. She gets perfectly coiffed. Phone buzzes on the desk. Ki Tae gets dressed for surgery. Surgery starts and Ki Tae gets shot in the face with blood. The guy is supposed to be doing this. Ki Tae returns to his office after surgery, still in his scrubs, and checks his phone. Jang Mi is looking at the lit candles when her phone buzzes. She asks where her love is. As he checks out his hair in his mirror, he asks what his caller wanted so desperately to tell him.

Jang Mi says that she wants him to see it with his own eyes. Wow, they are really selling that the pair are dating. If I hadn't've read the synopsis, I would have believed it. Ki Tae climbs out of his car. Hate them. Ki Tae mutters that his caller is not there and some stranger is waving and smiling at him. He smiles. How could he Hoon Dong turn down her request? Hoon Dong removes his sunglasses, tells Ki Tae to have a good time and hangs up the phone without waiting for a response. I really like that idea. I only see bad things coming. Hoon Dong asks if she waited long. She nods and he growls at her playfully.

She pulls him into the room by his ascot as he barks at her. He picks her up and spins her around, making kissing noises at him. When he does notice it, he drops her, shocked. His eyes pan the room: candles all over, balloons and more balloons, a PowerPoint of their relationship, roses, rose petals, the love cake. Hoon Dong is starting to freak out. Jang Mi is oblivious.

Sweetly she asks him if he knows that today is. Hoon Dong tries to guess. It's their 1st year anniversary. Nope, that was last week. He has no idea, so he asks what it is. Jang Marriage not dating ep 1 recap steps up to him, still holding the cake in front of her. She declares that today is the last day they spend here.

She says they should stop meeting in the hotel. Sinking noise as Hoon Dong asks what she means. Jang Mi answer that instead of a hotel, they should fall asleep together and have breakfast together every day in a place of their own. Hoon Dong wipes his forehead nervously.

Hoon Dong glances Marriage not dating ep 1 recap desperately, looking for a bathroom… a balcony… Where can he escape? He abruptly blows out the candles, shocking Jang Mi. Blind date is sitting with Ki Tae. She looks uncomfortable and he looks bored out of his skull. Text arrives from Hoon Dong, begging Ki Tae to save him.

Ki Tae re it without even apologizing to his date. Another text where Hoon Dong declares that this girl must want to marry him! Ki Tae glances over at his date and replies that this girl wants the same from him. Date clears her throat and Ki Tae apologizes. He asks where he was in the conversation. As he pulls out a stick of gum, he declares that they should start now. She can ask him whatever she wants. She should take her time. Date agrees and looks a little nervous as she tries to think up conversation topics. Date asks where he lives.

Ki Tae absently drops his gum wrapper in his water as he replies that he lives in Gangnam. He adds that she wanted to see if he lived in a ritzy area, eh? She starts to clarify, but a gum-chewing Ki Tae — wow, he is being really rude right now — adds that more specifically he lives in an apartment complex that his parents own. It's not huge but nice enough to live in alone. Date is starting to feel offended. As she should. He is being a real jerk.

Date is confused by Ki Tae talking about the subway. Ki Tae adds that being near the subway doesn't mean much to him, since he has a car. Date smiles uncomfortably. Ki Tae picks up his water glass and tells her that she must've thought he might not have a car. He chuckles and tells her to ask the next question.

Is it indigestion? Hoon Dong furiously responds, asking how he could just dump her like that? Jang Mi is understandably worried.

Marriage not dating ep 1 recap

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