Male to male spanking stories

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If you are using a proxy or an archive this is probably what you want so just continue although some functions and formatting may be inoperative. This section of the Coyote's Den contains strictly male stories without sex. Guy on guy action with spanking but without sex. The story content codes have been set without regard to species in order not to give away story details.

The marker flags indicate recent changes. I hope that you enjoy your visit here. Please let me know of any problems with my site so that I can correct them. Should the youth ask for it? What if he does not? The ball boy gives him a hug and much more. Short on time he holds a lottery to paddle just one. Justice is served in the end. For sure, three wishes can prevent any spanking and having a crock of gold is surely a bonus. But when dealing with the Little People there are pitfalls. The expected conflict takes a strange turn which surprises all.

On a camping trip one man sees the light and the boys are then treated equally. The business has a far wider draw than expected. After a clandestine video of paddling goes viral, will passenger behavior improve? The old and young meet and learn about each others worlds. Strappings on a commuter train are most interesting to a spanko. Justice is slow but eventually is served generously. The biggest problem is, surprisingly, an adult who must be dealt with. He gets a lot more than a ride back home.

Sometimes errors are made and corrections have to be made often with the strap. After that he knows that he needs a spanking to clear the slate and few more things to assure a good holiday outcome. He quickly discovers that he is a spanko. A team disciplinarian was the solution which worked for more than a quarter century. Then our youth spots his older neighbor driving badly and spanks him again with his wife watching. It's a day that he and his butt will remember forever that set his personal worst record.

She finds one who uses the Schartz-Metterklume Method most effectively. Is Angst having a nightmare or is he attached by his dormmates? Can he be sure? Why does his butt hurt in the morning? Their butts pay a terrible price after an encounter with the ghost's paddle. Some are very enthusiastic about their role and even relish dealing with their fathers, older brothers and others. Told with three variations of acceptance of strapping and spankings. The test is not like anything they expected. Whose ass will be busted and by whom? Once his defense is breached the outcome surprises the entire family.

The boy's big brother intervenes to protect his kid brother Male to male spanking stories more. Fortunately, the Woodsman comes to the rescue. Slowly he deduces what it is all about. What is really going on? If the boy is unlucky he might get three or think he does. One gets soundly spanked with a belt in each version. After an explosion and fire the runaway, an orphaned boy and an abandoned boat are all saved.

Things don't go as planned when a couple of kid brothers crash it and take it past the plans. Sentenced to a Strapping strap A youth is caught committing a crime and the court orders a strapping. He gets more than he expected. The lad's behavior improves greatly thanks to the new regimen for unorthodox reasons. Well, he didn't but it wasn't quite how he expected. A teacher s a Club that helps him live out his fantasies. Will they go to far? They are caned and more after being caught. Telekinesis 2. Very soon there is payback and later his butt pays a heavy price as he is well spanked.

Truth Or They are properly spanked before turned over to the sheriff. They are fascinated by some Earth customs and in the fun. The VP, the Junior and Mr. A youth, who is a neighbor, and his stepbrother punish him with spanking, strapping Male to male spanking stories mouth soaping. Whipping Post — Summary justice takes many forms. A Babysitter at My Age! Guest authors David M.

Male to male spanking stories

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I had been fascinated by corporal punishment for as long I could remember. I was never punished at home and by the time I went to school it had been banned. Films and books involving spanking were the only ways I could live out my fantasies.