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I hope you enjoy reading this blog post. If you want my team to just do your marketing for you. Turns out, it costs six to seven times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. Great word of mouth WOM is a priceless asset for any small business, and word of mouth marketing WOMM is hands-down the most effective and reliable type of marketing.

You know how the things you pay a lot of attention to and value most of all tend to increase in value? So what exactly is word of mouth? How does it increase customer loyalty? And what does it have to do with making your customers fall in love with you? Identifying your influencers and coming up with a story that is interesting, relevant and authentic that ladders back to qualities of your brand and then sharing that story as much as possible.

And make no mistake: WOMM is truly powerful. WOM will bring in loyal customers and increase customer retention rate. This is why you need to embrace WOM right now, place it in the center of your overall marketing strategy, and work hard to increase it. How do you do that? Simple: make your customers fall in love with you. Building a loyalty program deed to create raving fans is like drafting your best customers into a miniature marketing army — an army made up of devoted brand ambassadors who happily work around-the clock to get you more customers. Helping your customers fall in love with you is a bit like a romantic seduction.

The art of seduction requires careful planning. Know who your ideal customers are — If you want to give your customers and prospects what they want most, you have to first find out what that is. Ideal customer profiles help you get to know the basic demographics, fears, desires and needs of each segment of your market. This is essential to building a loyal customer base.

Creating and attracting a loyal audience is much easier when you start by defining your ideal customers. Your job is to understand the mind of your customers as thoroughly as possible and to deliver what they need and desire most in as seamless a way as possible. What do I mean by that? Qualified le are those that match your profile and have both the means and the motive to work with you or one of your competitors.

Looking for a good and loyal man click here

Basically, the process of qualifying le helps you to identify which le will still be there as loyal customers a year from now. After all, growing companies are likelier to grow with you and give you their repeat business. You may be wondering just what a customer journey is. Marketing consultant Kerry Bodine said. A good example is the one below. It should also guide your overall content marketing strategy as Looking for a good and loyal man click here as SEO.

Every so often, it pays to re-evaluate your current roster of customers to check for potential problemsas well as ificant opportunities to develop future brand ambassadors — i. This applies equally to large and small business. Far too many negative experiences with customers actually boil down to unmet expectations. The good news is that you can fairly easily solve this problem to a large extent simply by managing expectations from the beginning. First step: Find out what the customer expects as soon as possible.

Talk to them, but most importantly, ask open-ended questions during your earliest conversations and listen to understand customer perception. Some examples of questions you could use for customer feedback in managing expectations are:. And then? Listen to what they tell you, as this customer feedback will help improve customer life.

You might want to offer some kind of incentive — a discount or loyalty card for instance — to get more responses. Second step: The key to managing expectations with a new customer or client is to be thorough and honest before purchase regarding all even moderately important terms. Another crucial technique is to under-promise and over-deliver. But if you do that, you very well may end up not being able to finish on time or as promised and the customer will be disappointed. So, instead, do the opposite.

This can go a long way towards improving customer retention rates. Third step: Communicate well and often with the client or customer. And they get more nervous as days tick by with no word from you. From your end, things may be going perfectly — but the customer is growing more anxious every day. They can even be a little grumpy. Do whatever you can to stay in touch with your customers. Communicate with them as promised and expected, especially for complaints or service questions. You know, people are pretty sharp these days.

This means that your customers are more sensitive to affectations and pretense than you might think. All things being equal people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like, and trust. For many reasons, trust is the most important part of that KLT formula. You can think of trust, in this context, as a pyramid, as depicted below:.

First, your prospects become aware of you. Then, by communicating honestly, you help them understand you, which le to their belief in your value, and, ultimately, they take action. So how do you inspire your prospects and customers to like and trust you? By being authentic.

Looking for a good and loyal man click here

Being real and authentic is crucial to finding your voice as a blogger and content marketer, as well as improving customer engagement. The blogosphere is growing by leaps and bounds and has been since the very beginning in Each day, hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of new blog posts are added. If you want to stand out in that crowded marketplace of ideas, you have to bring something unique to the table. And in blogging, as in life, the one thing you have that literally no other person on the planet has is your authentic self OK, and your fingerprints.

One place to start is by creating an authentic brand story as the foundation of your brand identity. But the reality is that a well-crafted story of failure can actually connect you more deeply to your prospects and improve customer loyalty. If you think about it, that just makes sense. The best defense to a loud and angry customer is a speedy response time to complaints and questions. Almost half of all consumers around the world say that the time it takes a company to respond to an inquiry or complaint is a crucial part of the ideal customer experience.

The first rule of good social media customer service is to simply respond, as quickly as possible, to every single question or complaint you receive.

Looking for a good and loyal man click here

This erodes the brand loyalty program, and damages customer retention rates. Just ask any of the brands involved in the top ten social media fails of Another trick to treating your customers like kings and queens is to add value without raising cost wherever possible. If you do need to charge more for a planned upgrade, then do some due diligence first. Customer engagement will improve customer loyalty. What is active listening? Customers are the lifeblood of any business. If you want your business to grow and stay healthy, you need to listen to whatever input your customers give you in their customer feedback.

This will help improve your customer loyalty program. Gathering feedback from your customers and le has never been easier. You can use any one of the following methods. Even better, use a combination of a few methods to make it as easy as possible for them to speak up and share their opinions with you:.

Looking for a good and loyal man click here

First of all, ignoring customer feedback does you no good. You might as well save your time and energy.

Looking for a good and loyal man click here

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