Lonely in long island

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In conversation after conversation, Long Island Singles describe themselves as particularly vulnerable to the loneliness of our increasingly digital culture, with many of them struggling to manage the constant connectedness of social media, their rising levels of stress, and the intense emotions associated with living alone. Long Island Singles in tend to be putting themselves out there, they are focused on themselves, their friends, and families.

Even so, they are also experiencing high levels of depression and loneliness.

Lonely in long island

They are particularly worried about the holiday season and their ability to afford to live on Long Island even as they reach retirement. Over the past 24 months, LongIslandMatchmaking. We have also interviewed many more women and men who are single parents. Many Long Island Singles report that their family members are their best friends. In other cases Long Island Singles reporting to Long Island Matchmaking have shared that they simply have found a way of living alone with no committed romantic relationships at all in their lives.

These Long Island Lonely in long island are also more solitary. Research shows that, since with the dawn of the smartphone era, Long Island Singles have dramatically decreased the amount of time they spend shopping, seeing friends, going to malls, and even going to movies. We found that many Long Island Singles spend their Saturday nights home alone, watching movies and surfing social media. Many Long Island Singles are out in the world alone, solving the problem of lonliness by themselves. When I started Long Island Matchmaking I was not really ready to handle this level of emotional responsibility.

How did we get here? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we are seeing the highest levels of suicide ever recorded. From onward, rates of suicide steadily declined untilwhen they started to skyrocket. The American Association of Pediatrics now warns that too much social-media use can lead to depression and anxiety. Social media works against basic developmental goals—physical, cognitive, relational, sexual and maturational.

Most Long Island Singles sleep with their phones and react to every notification.

Lonely in long island

As they create more interesting, supposedly happier virtual personas for themselves, their real selves diminish. They can be devastated by a cruel text or a tepid reaction to a selfie. Long Island Singles can also develop themselves through photography, writing, music, and the visual arts. Journaling helps Long Island Singles process complex feelings. So does meditation and time spent in nature.

They need to be loved and loving—to be safe, useful and free to grow into all they can be. In this increasingly complicated world, much of the answer is simple: Contact LongIslandMatchmaking. Some of our methods are unique and confidential. However, these are deployed company-wide. They even extended to our real world network:. There is a lot more to matchmaking than people think. Now it is up to you to and register for a one hour free consultation and interview.

Lonely in long island

We can help, you do not have to be lonely any more. Let our matchmakers help you live your dream and find your soulmate or next chapter of love. They even extended to our real world network: After meeting a single we are impressed with, we think who we might know for them.

We then let them know about Long Island Matchmaking services. Long Island Matchmaking generates lists of everyone we know that is single. We add to it as our network of recruiters, scouts, and affiliate matchmakers meet new people. We keep a list of all the single men we know and a separate list of all the single women.

We only add Long Island Singles whose character and presentation are impressive. Every week, we take individuals from our lists and cross-check them against the lists of the opposite gender. We generate more Lonely in long island for matches than you realize possible. With thousands of long term social media contacts and our real life network, we have many opportunities for Long Island Matchmaking singles. Long Island Matchmaking has its senior Matchmakers define our Long Island Singles life goals, and criteria for choosing a spouse. We have our single friends describe the four unique qualities that define them.

Also, the four top qualities they are looking for in a partner.

Lonely in long island

Besides helping our friends clarify their future, we coach our clients at every step of the way. We support their efforts for self improvement and reflection. We help them to grow with each new potential committed partner they date. Both within our network and outside of it. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Next Article The Anatomy of Love. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Lonely in long island

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