Lion king broadway best seats

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Lion King Tickets have since become difficult to get: so before you go spending money Lion king broadway best seats these hard-to-get tickets, make sure you read this Minskoff Theatre Seating Chart Review first. The first few rows in Minskoff Theatre are dangerously close to the stage.

Lion King obstructed view seats are present in the first half dozen or so rows. The closer to the sides you get, the farther back the partial view seats get. Take a look at the Minskoff Theatre Seating Map above. Anything in yellow at the top of the seating chart is likely to be obstructed. The Lion King is a grand spectacular. Fortunately for all you Lion King aficionados out there, the Minksoff Theatre stacks itself pretty nicely, leaving even those in row L of the Mezzanine all the way in the back with some pretty solid views.

Sometimes overhangs can block the sightlines of people sitting deep below them, but at Minskoff Theatre, even row ZZ keeps a steady eye on Mufasa the whole time. Most other ticket marketplaces charge high service fees in addition to the listed price, but not TickPick. Here at TickPick, we have no service fees, making us your source for cheaper Minskoff Theatre tickets on the secondary market. If you have any questions regarding The Lion King tickets, please feel free to submit a request here.

Feel free to post them in the comments below! And please, if you get a chance to visit the Minskoff Theatre, tell us about it in the comments below in words and pictures! Shop Tickets.

Lion king broadway best seats

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