Leaving your parents after marriage

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Marriage is subjective. When I say that, I mean, everyone has a different way of dealing with it and have different perspectives about it too. I for one, never ever wanted to get married. But eventually, I fell in love with my partner and we soon put a ring on it. But eventually, I did and let me tell you how I feel about leaving the family that brought me up even in tough situations to live with a family that I now call my own.

It has always been this way—the bride leaves the family that raised her, for a whole new one. But, as I mentioned earlier, every marriage is different and so is every family. Some expect the bride to leave her parents and live with the new family, some live in a nuclear family and other brides even bring their families to live with them in their new house. She said. Feminism is all about enabling you to choose. Whether it is staying with family or without. The decision should be made by the individual irrespective of their gender. Because forcing someone to stay away from their family against their will is unfair.

For instance, when I got married, my mom-in-law did everything she could to make me feel at home and so did my husband. But the decision of living separately was all Leaving your parents after marriage. The reason was that I knew, I soon wanted to start my own family. On the contrary, a major dent that commonly hits many newlywed brides is separation anxiety. The cause of which is not having the freedom to choose where or how they want to live after marriage. While in the Western countries it is a given that one must leave their childhood home to provide for themselves and not return, in India, we have a life-long connection with our maiden houses.

This makes it harder for us to leave our homes without feeling guilty. But honestly, I realised that the focus tends to shift from the your parents to now building your own family unit. Therefore, feeling guilty is natural, but should not let it consume you and the way you live in your home.

We should be able to choose who we want to live with. Which is why I urge every wife to visit her parents as and when she feels the need to meet them. All they really want, is your time. You can make an arrangement where a few days can be spent at your maika and the rest with your new family and alternate every time. During festivals and other occasions, call both the families over and let them bond.

These are the values your children will grow up learning too. It will shape their idea of how to manage family time. Related Stories. Features Videos. Bollywood Television Hollywood Videos. Better Living. Malini's World. Trending Today! Related Stories Related Stories. More Better Living.

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Leaving your parents after marriage

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Marriage Means Leaving Home and Cleaving to Each Other