Korean dating rumors

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When Korean celebrities get involved in dating rumors, their agencies are usually the Korean dating rumors that make a statement on whether the rumors are true or not. However, there have been some instances where Korean celebrities themselves decided to address their dating rumors.

Park Bo Young got involved in dating rumors with actor Kim Hee Won in early when the two were caught going to a cafe together. While this was later proven to be falsePark Bo Young did personally respond to the rumor by venting on her fancafe. A dating rumor…? This is not true. We do meet up to eat, that part is true. We also drink tea too!!! But I thought I could at least clarify like this.

I mean, I never agreed to it, so… Anyway, what a surprise to start off Happy New Year! Thank you! Have a good day! While Jackson might not be a Korean celebrity, he did respond to one of his dating rumors in a heartwarming way. I saw the news of you having a girlfriend yesterday night. We trust you. Yoon Eun Hye shut down all the rumors when she was on an episode of Radio Star. Your browser does not support video. I ended up reading a lot of the rumors because they are about me, after all. Why should I have to go to such extremes, right? As for the overlapping fashion items, people who follow fashion trends know — those items were popular at the time.

I have some products in all its colors. I want to emphasize that the dating rumors are not true. View Dark Theme. Park Bo Young. Source: Daum. Share This Post Facebook.

Korean dating rumors

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