Keep praising god

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There are certainly a lot of things happening right now that are beyond our control. He shared four specific actions he deliberately planned to take, and we should purpose in our hearts to do the same! David wanted to praise the Lord, and we certainly should as well! Beyond offering praise to God, David also wanted to tell other people what God had done for him. You see, there is power in testifying for the person hearing and the person telling.

Even with social distancing practices in place, we can still testify to our family at home or to friends through phone, text, or social media. Whether your testimony seems big or small in your own eyes, go ahead and tell someone. It will be a blessing to them AND to you! No matter what is going on around us, we always have reason to be glad if we have a right relationship with Jesus.

There is something powerful about singing praise. Yes, that means not just saying it or even telling it, but singing praise. This is just one of many references in the Bible about singing praises to God. Keep praising god, go ahead and sing to the Lord today! This weekend, we celebrate Palm Sunday and remember the time Jesus entered Jerusalem amid the praises of people.

Facebook Twitter. Jackson: Keep praising the Lord with your whole heart. Evan Jackson Special to The Gleaner.

Keep praising god

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Jackson: Keep praising the Lord with your whole heart