K ar dating accuracy

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We describe here its principles and its technology. The limit of detectability of the radiogenic Ar portion corresponds to an error of less than 10 3 a for K-rich minerals and a few 10 3 a for basalts. The reliability of the and the validity of the correction for atmospheric contamination have been checked by analysing historical lavas and by comparison with data obtained from radiocarbon and thermoluminescence dating methods. Moreover, in rocks older than 10 7 a, the technique permits the accurate dating of minute amounts of pure separated mineral phases.

A reconstruction of the recent volcano-tectonic evolution of the Naples area has been carried out. It allows us to establish a model for estimating volcanic hazards in the Phlegrean Fields. The dated terrestrial pyroclastic deposits have been recovered from cores collected in the central Tyrrhenian Sea. The land-sea correlations allow us to refine the chronology of the marine oxygen isotope records for the past 60, a. View PDF.

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K ar dating accuracy

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K–Ar dating