Is it ok to break up over the phone

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It was the BC before cell phones way of avoiding a breakup conversation, and it was, under no circumstances, an OK way to end a relationship. In a telephone interview with Bustlerelationship expert Susan Winter told me about the best ways to end a relationship without having to curate a breakup outfit and spend the time talking it out in person.

Because technology plays such a huge role in the dating world, modern relationships lend themselves to being terminated with the click of the send button. According to Winter, unless it was a really serious relationship, or the person was really in love with you, calling it quits via text or phone, if you really feel like you owe it to them is totally OK. Here are a few other, less harsh, options to consider instead. With texting and swiping! A text message, unlike a conversation, can be screenshotted, passed along and kept forever.

As quickly and painlessly as possible. Keep that in mind. Save the analyzing for later that night, preferably over a glass of wine with your friends. I know it seems a little bit counterintuitive because breaking up with someone via text can come off as a bit disrespectful, especially if it's done the wrong way.

Take the high road. And, take your time to craft the right sentiments. Pick a quiet, private place and make sure you can give the person on the other line your undivided attention. If you have enough to say to someone to want to write them a lengthysuck it up and say it to their face. Breakups are never easy, and whether a long-distance breakup is easier or harder for everyone involved probably varies from person to person, but in any case, there are ways you can do it respectfully, and you should stick to those.

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Is it ok to break up over the phone

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