Irreparable damage relationship

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When you love someone so bad, you will do just about anything even keep arguments, fights, drama, conflicts etc. At this point even a toxic, destructive and pain-filled relationship is better than no relationship at all. Even those of us who know in our Irreparable damage relationship that there is really no chance keep spinning our wheels. This can go on like forever! Occasionally, a seemingly damaged-beyond-repair relationship gets another chance, but only if and when the destructive dynamics is stopped, both parties take time to heal and grow before attempting a reconciliation and if and when a collaborative reconciliation strategy is used to resolve the issues that create the destructive dynamic, re-establish trust and credibility, and re-introduce warmth and good feelings.

Cultivating good feelings and friendship to counterbalance the damage and hurt from the cumulative effect of constant misunderstandings, anger, suspicion, distrust, resentment, power struggles, defiance, hostility etc. If so, how do I get him to make a move and admit his feelings?

Both it seems. But it could also just be curiosity, some exes are like that, especially if they are possessive or insecure. Try making the first moveā€¦ he may be thinking the same thing as you are, and until some-one makes the first move, nothing happens. What if he does not show you love and never tells you he loves you? He spends more time with his friends and says you are needy when you tell him you are not happy with the way he is treating you?

What is one supposed to do, just accept the behaviour and suffer quietly? If you want to be with him, you will have to learn to accept him as he is, and find ways to work on the relationship together. View Comment. Search for: Search.

Irreparable damage relationship

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