I want a relationship to last

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Relationships aren't easy and whoever tells you otherwise clearly has no idea about what he's talking about. Just like everything else, a relationship requires both work and dedication. Love is paramount but never really enough! Some people might make relationships seem like a cakewalk, but it's not easy for them either. They've just unraveled the secrets of having long-lasting relationships faster than the others! In case you're still wondering how to make it work, here is a cheat sheet to lend you some help:.

I want a relationship to last

Treat each other like it started just today and you wish to keep it forever. If a discussion turns into a fight, take a breath and think if it's worth it. Take interest in their passion and work. Support them. Encourage them. Don't wait around expecting them to figure out what you want.

Speak up. Make them feel valued.

I want a relationship to last

Tell them they make your life better from time to time. Even if you think an issue is not as important as your partner feels, hear them out. Try to remember little details such as likes and dislikes of your partner. Take pride in your partner. Treasure them for loving you through thick and thin. Building a life together takes a lot more than love. Internalize these points and invest in your relationship to have a happily-ever-after.

Source: cdn. In case you're still wondering how to make it work, here is a cheat sheet to lend you some help: 1. Keep the romance alive. Surprise each other once in a while. Be open to compromises. It's okay to be vulnerable. Let your partner know the real you. Never take your partner for granted. Don't bottle up feelings and emotions. Talk it out!

I want a relationship to last

Don't let the bitter past dictate the fate of your relationship. Source: primaveracongers. Say goodbye to unrealistic expectations. Don't compare your partner or relationship with others. Keep jealousy and insecurity at bay. Source: i1. Don't take it out on them when things go wrong.

Granting space when needed is the key. Accept them, don't try to change them. Source: istockphoto. Honesty is the foundation. No matter what, never ever do or say anything to put them down. Have some 'me time' too. Don't rely on them for all your happiness. Try to connect with your partner's family. Pay attention when they share their thoughts and feelings. Be patient and forgiving when they confess or apologize. Make efforts to take out time for each other.

Source: backgrounddep. For any major decision, consult them and explain your stance. Source: bp. Don't be indifferent to future plans. In the face of difficulties, don't bring up separation as an option.

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I want a relationship to last

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