I ll never be happy again

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Chronic Pain. Red Light Therapy is Changing That. Try This! Learn more. It actually reminded me of that dumbfounded feeling I had right after my first car accident. You get out of the car and keep asking yourself if what happened really happened. I have read and studied the best of the best: Dr. I have even written extensively on the many techniques one can employ to transcend unhelpful and destructive emotions and return to a path of high frequency—that place where all the beauty of life resides.

To be completely honest, none of it was working for me this week. Given that this week was so emotionally difficult, I was interested to see what would and would not propel me from the paralysis of what can best be described as mild depression. I think the solutions may surprise you:. Spend time with friends.

I believe the temptation to call or text friends when we are faced with I ll never be happy again situation is pretty great; however, I found that doing this made me feel more empty than when I was just keeping it to myself. Actually savoring the animal warmth of being in the same room as others made all the difference.

There is something to the exchange of energy between yourself and the people you love that make even the worse scenarios seem bearable. Help others. So whether you belong to a community center, a church, or a step group, someone somewhere can use some help. I will I ll never be happy again the first to admit that when we are wallowing in the muck, being a goody goody seems like a drag, but it just happens to be one of these counter intuitive miracles that work.

Get creative. Personally, I hammered out a cathartic song at my kitchen table and got myself to a recording studio to get it laid down. Make your bed. Ok, I will admit that the first time I saw that book by William H. McRaven, I laughed at the corniness of the title. At the end of the week when I pushed against the overwhelming feeling of wanting to give up and I did, in fact, make my bed and wash the breakfast dishes, the order and cleanliness helped me begin to feel better.

So, yes, it is good advice. Give time time. This is so obvious and so effective. I was listening to a podcast on Saturday morning when I was driving out to pick up my kids and a short story was being read by David Sedaris. It was one of those stories where he just kept piling one hilarious observation on top of another until tears were streaming down my cheeks. It was then I realized that a of days had gone by since my social media tragedy and I was beginning to feel enveloped by a sense of well-being and the realization that I was going to be okay.

I always try to remind myself of this even in the thick of it. The pain does goes away. So the next time you find yourself in that frustrating and sad space where it feels as though you may never be happy again, try these out. Like I said, I experimented first hand with quite a few ideas and techniques and these seemed to be the most effective. He is also a poet, singer-songwriter,… Read full bio. Janis Isamanfounder of My Body Couture, helps people feel better in their body.

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I ll never be happy again

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What I did when I thought I’d Never be Happy Again.