How to know what a guy wants

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Has he introduced you to his family and friends? If he brings you around the people closest to him, he probably wants a relationship with you. Why would he invest that much time and energy? If you do, he just might make your relationship official.

When does he call or text you? Does he text you as soon as he wakes up? Does he only text you late at night? Are you the only one initiating the texting or does he get in How to know what a guy wants first sometimes too? Does he go several days at a time without texting or calling you?

Has he left you on read several times? Are you having sex with him? Are you guys doing other fun stuff besides having sex? Where do you guys spend your time? Is he taking you on dates? Are you going to the movies and trying the new burger t in town or do you spend all your time on the couch in his apartment? No one likes to Netflix and chill that much. Are you able to talk about deep things or is it all small talk? Is the conversation mostly sexual? Has he told you about his family and opened up to you about his hopes and dreams?

Do you guys both talk or is one person doing more of the talking? These are all questions you need to ask yourself and think about when deciding what a guy wants from you. Has he told you what he wants? Is he in a place in his life to be in a relationship? Be honest with yourself about where he is in his life. If he just got out a long-term relationship, he might still be grieving or have feelings for his ex. All of these factors are going to affect what he wants out of the time he spends with you.

Is he involved with someone else? Have you told him what you want? Have you been open and honest with him about what you want? How he reacts to your honesty will be telling. When is he available? When is he available to see you? Does he make plans in advance to spend time with you or does he only call you last minute?

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How to know what a guy wants

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