How to end a phone call with your girlfriend

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What is better a short call or a long call with your girlfriend? The answer is not so direct, but going by the golden rule of talking, guys are better off keeping it short. This leaves room for more calls from her. Attraction is the key to a sustained relationship. If your girlfriend stays attracted to you, she will keep the relationship interesting on her own accord.

Give her less attention and she will come back for more. This holds true from phone calls with your girlfriend. If you are used to talking a lot, try to cut down a bit. Keep it short for some days. Just be unpredictable. Instead of talking a lot of non essentials which you might regret later, just keep the phone call short. Girls like to talk, so if she is in a talkative mood let her talk.

It would be rude to cut her off when she wants to talk to you. Guys who talk too much end up becoming unattractive to girls because there is no mystery about them. Guys need to be careful; a reckless behavior on your part can dent a building interest level on the part of your girlfriend. Remember that all this is true only when you are both new to the relationship and getting to know each other.

During the initial months, guys are better off keeping their phone calls short. In-fact it is best to allow your girlfriend to call instead of you calling her up. If you are always talking for long, she is bound to think you have all the free time in the world. Let her know you are busy at times. This will keep her wondering what you are up to. What if you talk big to her, send her some romantic text messages then relax for some months without being in contact?

How to end a phone call with your girlfriend

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