How to date an italian girl

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Have an ? Log in via social networks. Italian women are beautifulthey are fierce, fiery and are like no other women on the planet Earth. I know it from experience, I used to live there for a couple of years, and I was dating women in Italy for the whole time. And let me tell what a couple of years it was. I feel like I can write a book or two on my days there.

It was fascinating, intriguing and fun. But today, for starters, I would like to talk about Italian single women and how to date them. They are, of course, amazing mothers. And most importantly, in Italy, women enjoy motherhood. How many tired parents I see on our playgrounds! Tired not only from everyday routine but also from children. But here it is different. is a constant holiday, adored by all relatives. They are very fashionable. Especially in the north.

Especially in Milan. They have their own criteria for fashionability - each type of clothing must be of a certain brand and a certain color. They do not like too bright tones though. For any Italian, the family is everything. Yet they are still loving and passionate about their close ones. Arguing with a man in public is prohibited. For women, this is still considered a bad tone. And all quarrels are clarified at home. Behind closed doors. And all the emotional scenes that you can see on the street - it's just a play they are born actresses.

Well, being an American myself, there are some differences between women in the US and ladies in Italy, and here are just some of them. Getting her phone: with How to date an italian girl American girl, it is easier to get her if she considers going out with you. Going out: There is a chance that an American girl will invite you somewhere. You have to take the initiative. Yet Italian girls want to see how far you will go for them.

Receipts: It is more common for an American girl to pay for herself. Flirting: is it is much easier to flirt with an American girl. These girls are pretty much as direct as possible if we are to compare them to Italian girls. Oh my, you have to be quite good at it, very good at flirting to get an Italian girl interested.

What does an Italian beauty look like? Her face should be symmetric, oval-shaped, with prominent cheekbones. Plump lips, brown eyes and wide, well-groomed black eyebrows. More loyal demands are being made to the nose, since finding a neat nose in Italy is problematic. This beautiful oval is framed by dark thick curls of shoulder-length, loose or tucked away in a How to date an italian girl hairstyle.

Italians appreciate the naturalness and simplicity of the image. As for makeup, if an Italian woman decided to use makeup, then the first thing she will do is focus on the eyes. In this regard, the Southern women are especially lucky: their phenotype involves thick black eyelashes. Usually they are still slightly tinted with mascara. The body shape of Italian girls can be described in one word: alluring. Since the days of ancient Rome, nothing has changed - on the peninsula they do not like thin people.

Accustomed to the silhouettes of antique statues and figures from the Quattrocento canvases, the eye requires something more refined than a body tortured with diets. Italians really appreciate femininity, so the forms should be appropriate: pronounced breasts, waist and hips, without extra folds. Perhaps the most important thing is to be authentic. Be yourself, the one and only.

In Italy, women like stylish guys that have a sense of fashion and know how to handle themselves. Another important thing is, never talk about politics and such. As a rule, they hate it. Italian women like guys that know what to talk about and How to date an italian girl is appropriate, yet have their own opinion about everything. Authenticity, confidence, style, wits — these are the most important things that Italian women like in men, foreign or not. The best way to do so is to have a common company of friends, or, perhaps, relatives. To be yourself in the company of her and to show love and respect to your common friends is really important.

And if to meet in real life is not an option, then know that there are quite a few dating websites specifically made for dating Italian women. The best way to start dating one of the Italian singles is to meet her friends. It is best to get to know the Italian girl you liked during your meeting with good friends. Meet the closest friends of the girl, gradually gaining their trust. This is the first step to the heart of your sweetheart. If you got the support of her friends, try asking her on a date.

If you are lucky, it will not be limited to one meeting. Treat her with a drink, but be sure to pay for the drink yourself. But if now you are experiencing not the best times in terms of finances, do otherwise. If your relationship with a beautiful Italian woman develops very quickly, be prepared for an exhausting acquaintance with her parents. Most Italian guys are not particularly enthusiastic when talking about dinner with their parents. I am sure that in most cases the family dinner is not as dangerous as Italians claim.

Most likely, a couple of cocktails are waiting for you in the bar with your future father-in-law. Never ever, under any circumstance should you disrespect her family members. In this case, you should not be too serious, otherwise you can become boring.

Use your sense of humor. If you meet Italians in Italy, consider the differences between regions. Almost every region of Italy has its own rules and beliefs. As a general guide, Northerners tend to be more cautious than their brighter southern partners. The tastes of these people are also different - the former prefer seafood and light dishes, while Southerners prefer meat and spaghetti sauces.

While there are more men in Italy than women, there are still quite a few Italian single women just waiting for you. In Italy, there is a cult of the family. It is a must for Italians to gather on holidays with the whole family or to meet with friends.

Early marriages are normal and, for all the temperament and fervor of the Italian people, the family is always put in the forefront. A single woman in Italy is not harassed, hurt or ridiculed. Firstly, her relatives, numerous brothers and sisters will always support her, and secondly, men do not put her on a cross, even if she has. And remember, any relationship is a two-way street, so try not to miss not only words but also non-verbal communication - meanings, gestures, emotions. Respond quickly to detected als. Article By.

Jan 14, Sometimes, due to a string of important and urgent matters, people do not notice how their life turns into a routine and becomes monotonous and boring. Often, it is boredom that le to the beginning of problems in relationships and sometimes even becomes the cause of a breakup of a seemingly ideal couple.

Psychologists declare that hobbies couples can do together are a real magic wand for a relationship that has reached an impasse. Jul 2, Everything is quite clear with ordinary monogamy: one man, one woman, life together, and sex without betrayal. Ordinary polygamy is also understandable: one person, many partners. But what if there are one woman and one man, and after a while, one of the partners finds love and happiness with a new person and in other several years — with the third one?

Apr 15, Choosing a country for the next trip, everyone sets certain priorities and goals. Some people like Italian cuisine, others need a view of Mount Fuji, still others cannot imagine a vacation without antique ruins, Gothic cathedrals and museums, but there are those who are terribly attracted by Brazilians or Ukrainians, even though they live on the other side of the planet. Dating an Italian Woman. Log In. Share Share. Share via. Oct 31, Reasons to date Italian girls 1.

Difference between American women and Italian women Well, being an American myself, there are some differences between women in the US and ladies in Italy, and here are just some of them. Why Italian women are so beautiful What does an Italian beauty look like? What Italian women like in men Perhaps the most important thing is to be authentic. Where to meet Italian woman The best way to do so is to have a common company of friends, or, perhaps, relatives.

How to win a heart of Italian woman The best way to start dating one of the Italian singles is to meet her friends. Dating Italian woman: general tips Be aware of the fiery temperament of ladies in Italy. They love hard and get jealous even harder. Do not offend her cooking skills, Italian women are passionate about their cooking.

Be nice to her parents. Italian people value parents a lot, they are sacred to them, especially mothers. Be fashionable. Know what fits you, know what enhances your look and overall feeling. They like men that have similar opinion about the same things. This may seem like a nothing of a point, but it is just a fact, they like to be in agreement with their male partners.

Now, the most important tip: be a gentleman. They love when a man shows respect and tolerance to them, knows how to make compliments, knows how to look as confident as possible. Marrying Italian woman While there are more men in Italy than women, there are still quite a few Italian single women just waiting for you.

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How to date an italian girl

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