How to be a goid kisser

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In theory, kissing should be easy. First off, what do you think makes a bad kisser? Chapped lips and dodgy breath can be a deal-breaker. It should be finessed softly—keep it supple. How do you keep kissing interesting in a long-term relationship? So often when the relationship progresses, the long, languorous make-out sessions wane—but you can keep the spark [alive], and honestly, a little daily dab will do. Come up behind your honey and give a little cheeky kiss on their shoulder or other parts of their body.

And talk about it! Talk about what you miss and how you want to find it again together. Do you have any go-to techniques for more sensual kisses? How can you subtly train your partner to become a better kisser? My suggestion first is to make a game of it: Take control. Tell them you have been thinking about your kissing, and you want to try a few different things to mix it up. Then ask them to kiss you back in the same manner. Most of the time, the person is eager to please, and with a little practice, things could get better.

Life is too short for mediocre kissing. Balance is important too, and we are our best guides on that equilibrium. Over the years the younger generation has pushed back against convention, not only kissing more frequently in public, but staging kissing contests and events in part to rattle the cage of their elders.

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How to be a goid kisser

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How To Be A Good Kisser – 10 Tips From Scientific Research: