How do russian men treat women

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There is a Peace Corps joke about the difference between the Russian men and women. To a woman, yes. After two years in Russia, I have yet to know more than a handful of expat women who have Russian boyfriends or husbands, but I know way to many expat men with beautiful, painfully young, Russian women. Why is this? Russian men, in general, are the ultimate frat boy, without even the facade of culture most American frat boys at least try to project.

Russian men enjoy themselves, drinking with their friends long into the night, ignoring their women, unless they are hungry or the dishes are dirty. The strange thing is, the women are happy just to have a man, for men are rare here. Men are in an enviable position, there are more women than men, so they can be jerks and still have a line of women waiting for them. The imbalance, and resulting attitude, shocks the expat women here.

They are used to men like myself, who prostrate ourselves to please them, not the Russian men who laugh when they ask why the man needs to drink with his friends every night of the week. Most expat women try to date a Russian man, but usually only once. After that experience, they re themselves to celibacy, as the least painful route. The imbalance also affects the male style here. The men dress like men all over the world would if they could.

Black shirt, pants, shoes, and coat so it will not show the dirt of a week with a washall day, every day. The same suit and tie for a week straight, with only a clean shirt ever other day. Bad hair as a rule, and I mean not touched by a comb in 48 hours bad hair! Just plain uncaring. I am amazed that they are let out of the house they dress so bad some days!

Of course this is a generalization of Russian men. Russian men are frat boys because they can be, and to an extent, I am jealous. Category: Russia. This comment upon Russian men is highly exaggerated! I am a Russian male living in the US now and I would have to say that Russian men know how to treat ladies a lot better that a lot of Americans do. Yes, there are men in Russia like he described, but that is just a small percentage of them. And all Russian women willing to marry Americans — give me a break, not all of them want it, actually not a lot of them either, for those who do it is a ticket to America where they obviously want to go.

And the whole thing about guys being able to pull off partying like frat-boys, neglecting their women and still have them begging for relationship is a bunch of nonsense! Russian ladies I hope you learnt it while you were there have a lot of self-respect and How do russian men treat women and will be very picky when it comes to a man. Just his habit of drinking will turn her off and bury his chances right there…Most Russian men are gentlemen and it is not just a country of alcoholics.

I see enough of drinking going on here in America, too…And girls here in America love the way Russian men treat them most of themthings like letting a girl in first, buying flowers, etc. Ha ha, I was laughing when I read Dimas comment. I am writing a Moscow Blog and each time I dare to write something half way negative about Russian culture or the people I get comments like this. Its a regular, well at least Dima was not threatening to come by your house and beat you up, which happened to me a few times.

Russians are highly nationalistic or as they call it patriotic. I think they have a complex based on the history and the undervalued position their country is in right now not being a super power and being depended on the West. Oh yes, I can hear the outcry of them already, when I write this. About Russian men.

I think you are right. I would have not written it so blunt, but you are right. I think my personal opinionbecause Russian women are so controlling at home. At least they try hard How do russian men treat women make your life miserable on a 24h basis. Buy me this, make me happy. I had girlfriends in the US, from Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Korea, Jamaica, Trinidad and elsewhere and none of them was as demanding and difficult as my Russian one.

Russian women think men are little kids and they need to control them. Actually, next to my russian bf and my own father, i love him more than anything else in the world too. Russian women are wonderful and i think they deserve better than these parasites which is the Russian man.

By the way i have personal experience with fighting or almost fighting a Russian man in Novosibirsk an ex-boyfriend of one my friends tried strongarm her ,when i interfered and told him to him to f-off then he wanted to fight me ,i said ok and told him i have been in Taw kwan do for three years ,the big dumb Russian neandrathal who is slow tried to rush me ,thinking he could overtake me so i grabbed his left hand and twisted his wrist extending his arm and put my thumb in the middle of his hand which is very painful twisting his wrist ,he was crying like a baby and asked me to let him go ,i could have snapped his wrist very easily ,which would have been nice to see because he is a scumbag ,but after torturing him for a minute so he knew what pain felt like, i was merciful and let him go ,he cluctched his wrist and ran away and when he got a good distance he muttered some English swear words at me ,yeah real tough guy huh?

Typical Russian man for you they are cowards. He is nothing like american guys. He is a gentleman, romantic, sweet, loving, caring. He said I put voodoo on his computer once and he stayed on that subject for an hour. Then he gets back together with me and then breaks up again.

I love him more than life but I wish I could understand that part of him.

How do russian men treat women

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I love (and hate) dating Russian men