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Currently out of the scene in a little town getting a degree. I come online every Sunday pm GMT to answer your messages and questions. A tell all of bands, groupies and the music industry as told by a seasoned Super Groupie a. All stories are true and unexaggerated from my diary. Names will not be named. He seems like a cool guy to hang out with. Hey love! When I did he was very lovely and sweet, super funny too. I know people have strong opinions on him but that is just my experience. I have a friend who talks to someone who knew him very well and they said a similar thing - K.

This is definitely super difficult even if things end on good terms. I actually went through this myself twice and honestly it sucks and is really rubbish. In a usual break up if you hear songs you guys liked together then it hurts, same rules apply but their later music can hurt too. Eventually you will feel differently, these things just take time - K. Hey loves! A few of you also have been messaging me asking how I am and for an update! If you have anything you want to know please let me know.

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe! If you search social media then you should find it! I would say make your profile good, like some of their stuff and follow the advice in the post I have! I hope this helped! If anyone also thinks they can offer some guidance or help on anything groupie, dating or music related then message me and you can be featured and write something to help some people out!

I have a list of bands I wished I had seen though! Way off topic and has zero to do with groupies or dating. But I was scrolling on here and you mentioned you are in school for being a counselor? Or a psychologist? Is that correct? I am looking for a career change and through out this quarantine ofI realize that I want to help kids with anxiety and other mental health issues.

Idk at least working in the field somehow pt 1. But I have no idea how to start or what I want to do. Hopefully this is still helpful! I would recommend doing short taster courses to see what you feel works with you and what you want to do. Taster courses are amazing though!! My first one was 6 weeks and it really let me know that I wanted to work in the field. I hope this helped and I wish you luck! My question may be dumb but I wonder if there are a Hookup diary tumblr who you can approach and just straight up asking if they want hookups and they would be like 'sure here's my room ' Like I wonder if you meet with this type of straight to the point behaviour or this is only in the movies lmao.

No questions are dumb! Sending you all love xoxo - K. I don't think this is really a groupie situation but I matched with a musician on a dating app and we've been talking for about a month. He's great but I did take an interest in him initially because he was a successful musician and verified on Hookup diary tumblr with press coverage and full albums. Yet he doesn't actually talk about his music much? I don't know what to do it doesn't bother me in the sense we have so much more to discuss but I also don't wanna come across as uninterested in his music.

Hey darling! He may be trying to avoid the subject as a lot of girls usually will talk to them purely because of their music and some musicians are surprisingly very humble and talking about their music can even be a little embarrassing for them. Trust yourself and I hope it goes well. Do you have any tips for girls have been going to concerts for a while but haven't really tried to approach the bands before?

Usually I've only talked to bands asking them for autographs and thanking them for the show but I got approached by a guy once and I wanna do more of that. And what should I talk about with band members? I'm already very casual in my approach but I never know what to say.

Thank you for running his blog, it Hookup diary tumblr such a big help! I think you have to try hard to make yourself stand out, have something about you that is memorable whether that is your style, your hair etc and remember the longer and more interesting a conversation is the more likely he is to remember you.

They meet a lot of people so you have to work to stand out!

Hookup diary tumblr

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Hookup diary tumblr