Herpes success dating stories

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Can you tell us a bit about yourself? I party on weekends, serve at a local coffee shop for cash and love spending it all on shoes. I grew up in a good home, in a middle-class neighborhood and my parents are still together. Sex was never a taboo topic, and sexual health was never something I was shy about. There are two types, Simplex 1 and 2. However, I got it on my genitals, most likely after receiving oral sex from someone who has it. How did you get Herpes? The crazy thing about herpes is, you never can be totally sure where you got it from.

My ex-boyfriend from a few years ago, Chris, has herpes. He was completely honest about it with me from day one, and for that reason I still hold him in the highest regard. It was completely my decision to sleep with him full knowing the risk of catching it. We were always careful to use condoms. But not careful enough that the occasional night we would get caught up and not use one. He never once had sex with me when he thought there could be even the slightest risk.

We had sex for over four years, and I never had a problem. We broke up last year. How did you find out that you had it? I had been seeing another guy, John, for a couple months about a year after Chris and I broke up. One night we had sex, and it was pretty rough a trigger for a herpes outbreak. I woke up feeling sore but thought it was just because we had gone at it Herpes success dating stories hard. A few days later we had sex again, and the next morning I woke up in unbearable pain.

It felt like someone was stabbing me in the crotch, while giving me rug burn, while pouring acid over top. When I checked myself out, I saw a couple little sores. I freaked out and got to the doc that same day. Herpes success dating stories told me that it was just an allergic reaction to the condoms we used and gave me a cortisone cream. He still did an STI test, but I heard nothing back. This was possibly the worst experience of my life. I could barely open my legs I was in so much pain. He had to insert a speculum to do a swab, I was literally screaming and crying hysterically on the table.

I was begging him to stop. He then had to scrap one of the sores to get cells for testing. Again, I was screaming and sobbing, but had to let him do it, because I had to know what was wrong with me. It was hell. He prescribed me painkillers and Valtrex an oral anti-viral for herpes.

How did you feel when you found out? I spent the week alone, at home, crying, sobbing. It was awful. I literally shut myself in. I felt disgusting and still do in a way. I felt like the light in me was turned off. I felt like the happy, bubbly, flirty, fun girl I used to be was killed. I was ashamed, I felt dirty, I felt like no one would love me again.

When I told John, I watched the look in his eyes change. And although I have a history of a sexual partner with herpes, that does NOT necessarily mean that Chris gave it to me. John could have given it to me just as easy. Chris has been a rock through this. He has been amazing. And in another weird way, it cleared up any questions I had about John and the type of person he is.

So, some good in the bad. What sort of treatments have you tried? Have they been successful for you? I have just been using Valtrex, and only when I feel an outbreak coming. I also avoid potential triggers, such as sun exposure and high stress situations.

How has this affected your romantic life? As I said, John and I broke up. I have not had any romantic partners since. Herpes success dating stories have been holding back on getting close with anyone because I am dreading the day I have to tell them. Chris told me about his herpes about 2 months into our relationship, long before we had done more then make out. He trusted me not only to not tell anyone, but he also trusted that I would accept him for who he is, flaws and all.

I remember that when he told me, I was not disgusted or even disappointed. If anything, I felt closer to him. And because of his honesty, I never had trust issues with him. So I hope the same will happen for me when I tell my next boyfriend. What steps do you take to avoid giving Herpes to a partner?

The only sure fire way is not to have sex at all. Oral counts. But if you and your partner are going to, and one of you is infected, you can take certain steps to be safer. Never, EVER have sex when there are sores present. Never have sex when you feel an outbreak about to happen burning, itching, tingling. Be open, honest and communicate. Trust your gut. Continue to get screened. Make sure you always have a supply of Valtrex on hand just in case.

But mainly, communicate honestly. What advice would you give to someone who has just been diagnosed? Go to a clinic right away and tell them what you think it is. I wanted it to just be a reaction to the condom. Get a good drug plan. Always have a stash of meds just in case. Know your body and take extra good care of it.

Talk to your doctor. Use the anonymous phone lines if you want to talk to someone. Always be open and honest with your partner. Never blame someone else, that will just kill you in the end.

Herpes success dating stories

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