Hard working dairy farmer looking for a woman

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I was recently contacted by your boyfriend. He let me know that he was a dairy farmer and he was dating a very special girl. He asked if I could write something for you as well as the other girls that were dating or considering dating a dairy farmer to help you with understanding the life a dairy farmer lives.

I believe he really wanted you to not feel alone, to know that there are other women out there that understand what it is like to be in a relationship with a dairyman. I personally thought it was sweet of him to contact a complete stranger, I feel like this guy cares quite a bit about you.

Dairy farming is a day a year commitment. At minimum, there are chores that have to be done every morning as well as every night. It is more than a job, it is a lifestyle, it is a passion and it is something that comes before everything else. Because lives are at stake if things do not get done when needed.

No, not human lives but the lives of livestock. The cows have to be fed every day, milked every day, facilities have to be cleaned, new life needs taken care of, illnesses need treated, etc. You basically just entered a relationship where your man is committed to quite a few other ladies, ladies that are very needy. The kind that will call in the middle of the night, text like 50 times a day, cry if they do not get their way and want very expensive things bought for them. Yes my dear, you have some major competition.

Hard working dairy farmer looking for a woman

To be honest, five years into it and I am still working on it. It is farm life. The heifers will be on the wrong side of the fence when you are already running late to church, an older cow Hard working dairy farmer looking for a woman go into labor as you are headed out the door for your dinner date, the power will go out minutes before a milking; leaving you stuck on the farm all night even though it is an employees night to milk, you will miss Christmas on the coast with family due to freezing weather at the farm and the list goes on.

There will be times when all your friends are out on a Friday night and you will have to make a choice to stay with your farmer or go with them. There will be times when you are all done up, ready to go out and you walk down the stairs to him putting on his barn clothes to head out to fix a problem. You will be let down. You will have your feelings hurt. You will feel like you are not important at times. This man is choosing to share this amazing life with you and only you and the ladies. Having a man who tends to newborn life, takes care of the sick and when he has to put down one of his cows, you see his heart-break, a man like that is hard to come by.

Having a man who works for the lifestyle, a lifestyle that includes working side by side with you; that is simply priceless. You will have to make some changes. You will have to change your idea of what is considered a date. You will need to change your perception of what romance is… but trust me, it will be worth it.

Riding alongside him in the tractor or truck you will create some of your best memories. Spending a Friday night in the milking parlor, dancing to the music on the radio while waiting for the cows to be milked or eating a meal together in the field during harvest… those are simply things that only women like you and I will be able to experience. You my dear are a very lucky girl. Hollywood has nothing on us. So with that said, make sure to read my post about being in a relationship with agriculture and remember to never stop dating your farmer.

I am always here for you to message if you need a friend. Slayton, you best be taking this girl out on some off the farm dates too. The tractor rides are amazing but a girl needs a reason to get all done up. Best of luck to the both of you!

You nailed it! Peace on earth! If he treats his animals well, he will treat you well also!!! The hardest part for me is that my husband is tired all the time. He works as the herdsman for a dairy. He goes to work at and come home usually around pm.

But how do I handle? He gets off work, eats dinner and is passed out in his recliner by That is hard. How far are you from the farm? Does he have days off or does he work 7 days a week?

Hard working dairy farmer looking for a woman

IMHO I would write him a letter. It may sound silly. I would write him to let him know how much you appreciate how hard he works for his family and that you would really like him to be able to spend time with his family. As an employer our guys get at least two days off a week, even our main guy. There are times during the year where they work more hours but they have families they need to be involved with. His employer should understand that. You can always PM on my FB if you need to talk! I love this! So true about the commitment.

We sold our dairy herd 10 yrs ago and now both of our boys are emplyed on dairy farms…go figure! I have lived the life of a young marriage, young kids and the demands of juggling my own career with farming and I have seen how it changes when the cows go away. Do I wish the cows were back? Sometimes, yes. Do I see mistakes I made in how I viewed the balance between the farm and house? Life was good with the farm and life continues to be good after the farm. I agree with Krista-find some way to communicate about your feelings. Let him know that.

Hard working dairy farmer looking for a woman

The poem was pretty awful but the thoughts were heartfelt. Realize that with a farm you can at least take him out a cup of coffee and stop by with the. If he takes another job he wil be …gone…. You will need to go to him if you want to see him. You are lucky. His long hours and the cows are not an excuse to treat you poorly or to ignore the. My husband used to spend 10 mins with our infant son at AM before he headed to barn. Ten mins can go a long way to showing you care. If the money is tight everything else escalates.

Make the changes that need to be made. Sure, there will be tight times and every business goes through rough spots. But there is no reason to accept poverty as normal. Get the help you need to really understand the business.

You should understand exactly what this sentence means. Good luck. If he is a good man then it really is all worth it. This is perfect! As the weather warms up he is getting ready for planting, on top of all the daily chores, making him stressed and tired. To make things just that more difficult, we are also doing this long distance with us being about 5.

I respect his job and dedication. I truly appreciate this post as a reminder that yes, he is a dairy farmer.

Hard working dairy farmer looking for a woman

So glad you enjoyed it. It does get hard sometimes that is for sure. Is there a way for you to help out on the farm or follow him around to learn more about the farm? Great Read and hit the nail on the head with everything! Men and relationships to be appreciated!

I have a 7 year old daughter from a relationship. The things covered in this are spot on. I never thought milking cows would bring such solace to my heart. I absolutely hands down love working beside him. We are a year into our relationship and I have learned so much. I feel special, empowered, that he trusts me to do what someone else with much more experience typically does.

One of our first dates was post poned due to the barn having issues. A year ago I would have cried and sulked and thrown a huge tantrum. These days, I was just happy to end the evening cuddled on the couch with him. I traded him a foot rub for a back rub. We talked, We laughed.

Hard working dairy farmer looking for a woman

We went to bed together. That was enough to keep my heart content.

Hard working dairy farmer looking for a woman

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Hard working dairy farmer looking for a woman

A couple of points: 1. Hello Kelsey, So glad you enjoyed it.

Hard working dairy farmer looking for a woman

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