Girls rate guys

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Men have been using the trusty rating system to rate girls for what seems like centuries. Obviously a 10 is a knockout, and a 1 is something that should show up on the Discovery Channel. One of my favorite things to do with my friends is to argue about what a girl is. These debates can get personal and sometimes ugly. Without going any further, let me reveal what each ifies for a girl. This is as bad as it gets. They usually have horrible features. This could be extreme obesity, a face that looks like it was hit with a frying pan, or a missing limb. They will likely remain widows or work in jobs where they can be hidden in the back.

A two is not much better than a one. She is god awful ugly as well. All of her friends are busted as well. Thankfully a two does not have any confidence either so spotting them out is rare. A three is the first girl that might get a little action from time to time. Granted the guy who falls for her will be wasted beyond belief. There is a chance she might have a good sense of humor but that will be Girls rate guys good as it gets. She is a prime candidate for extreme plastic surgery. Usually a three has just one feature giant nose, freakishly tall, big belly, or no butt that turns off even the drunkest of males.

Who am I kidding they are ugly as hell to. Here is where it gets interesting. A four is always fat; there is no getting around that. If you happen to fall victim to a four, I feel you. This is the kind of girl that must be kicked out of your place at am. If you happen to crash at her place, you get out of there no later than am. A boiling hot shower is needed immediately after. One characteristic about a four is she is very aggressive. She will chase guys so far out of her league its not even funny. And the sad part is, from time to time the four will be successful with her chase.

This is the first girl on the list that can be acceptable to bring around your friends from time to time. If you bring any of the four girls back, good look not getting ripped on for at least a month. Oh man, the classic trap girl. So many guys will fall victim to a six after drinking. A six is a real player in the field. The bars are filled with sixes, and they are dangerous. This is the first girl on the list that counts as girlfriend material. If you are dating one of these you might be somewhat happy, but do not settle a seven. There is better stuff just around the corner.

A seven is usually the coolest of the girls, but there is just something not right with her. If your boys never give you props for being with her, but never diss you for being with her, you got yourself a seven. We are getting closer. An eight can make it into almost all the sororities and can get away with being a you know what.

No guy will turn down an eight, unless he is a legit ten himself. Now we are talking. Girls rate guys nine has her life handed to her. She dates only good-looking rich dudes. She can ignore any guy and he will come back to her. These make ideal girlfriends and will get you mad bro points out the wazoo. Dating a nine will raise your self-esteem, popularity, and other girls will suddenly find you more attractive.

The Holy Mecca of girls. A ten is very rare, but when they come along, oh man. They can have the personality of a cardboard box, but what gives. They get what they want, when they want it. Guys want them, girls want to be Girls rate guys.

If a girl walks into a room and you immediately tell all your friends to check her out, you are lucky. You are in presence of one of the rarest sights on earth. A perfect I love this country. All Rights Reserved. Radio Now. Thank you for subscribing! Please be sure to open and click your first newsletter so we can confirm your subscription. Your will be shared with radionowindy.

Girls rate guys

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