Get lost in the passion

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There are ebbs and flows in following your passion, which is completely natural and healthy. When the thing you once loved feels more like a job than something you look forward to doing. Then, maybe those few days turn into a couple of weeks. Maybe even a couple of months. As time passes, you start feeling sad and frustrated.

The activity hobby, career that once was a burning fire in your heart, no longer is. You may even begin to feel guilty for not feeling love for that thing anymore. After all, you did love that thing before. Nothing about it has changed. What began as a strong, bright, and hopeful fire is now a much smaller flame. You try to fan the flame, attempting to make it bigger and trying harder to bring it back to its former glory. But you end up become more and more tired as it becomes clearer that the fire is dying.

Get lost in the passion

Some passions become a part of who you are. They become etched into your being, your identity, and your sense of self. So once that passion fades, a moment of panic may set in. You may feel anxiety or deep depression at the thought of no longer doing that thing that once defined you. However, I went through my own peaks and valleys in dance. Walk into a ballroom dance Get lost in the passion one night. No dance experience or intention of becoming a dancer whatsoever.

Attend the social anyway, just for fun. Dance with one of the dance hosts. Dance with others. Dance the night away. Feel happy and inspired. Fall in love with whatever this new feeling is. up that night to take ballroom dance lessons. Train in dance for five years.

For those five years, forgo everything else that regular early twenty-somethings do, to focus solely on my passion. Leave my old studio to accept a teaching opportunity at a new studio. Begin making a living doing the thing I love. At this point, I feel happy. I feel satisfaction in knowing that I am helping others to feel that same passion, which gives me a sense of fulfillment. I continue teaching at that studio for two years. Little by little, I begin feeling drained.

I continue teaching. Slowly, I no longer enjoy it. I no longer want to dance. One night, fate steps in. I visit another studio to dance socially, just for fun. Just for myself. And I see some of the dancers who I met seven years ago at that very first dance social. The energy in this new studio feels different. I see the dancers who are just dancing socially, and realize that some of them are better than Get lost in the passion. I feel humbled and challenged.

I feel inspired again. Working at this studio inspires me. It gives me a new feeling of challenge, hope, and excitement, which I was missing. However, just like anything else, passion needs to be sustained from the insideā€”if it comes from outside factors, it can only last so long. Which is exactly what happened. Just like at the old studio, I began to feel slowly uninspired. I wanted to be inspired. I longed to feel something. I felt sad. I realized that I needed to do some inner work.

I needed to figure out whether I should hold on or let go. When passion fades, it can be a very difficult thing to accept. It might seem almost impossible to take step back from that former passion. You may feel a loss of identity and wonder who you are without it, regardless of whether or not it inspires you anymore. But from personal experience, I can say that stepping back, even just temporarily, is one of the best remedies.

For those of you who become so emotionally and spiritually intertwined with the people, places, and activities you love most that the very thought of taking a couple of steps back sends you into an identity crisis, I am here to say that I understand. I know the discomfort. One: You are giving yourself time to recharge and recover. Sometimes, this is all you need. You may have simply needed a little time off to get inspired again, and you may return back to that passion at a later time with inspiration, energy, and clarity.

You will. Your heart knows. It may take time, but you will be guided, once again, to that new thing. For me, it turned out that I needed to take a different approach to my dancing. For one thing, I needed to focus on my strengths as a dancer and dance teacher rather than compare myself to those around me.

Get lost in the passion

Comparison had left me with feelings of inadequacy and insecurity, which, in turn, made me not feel much motivation for dancing, in general. I realized that I felt much happier when I focused on my strengths, as well as my own growth and progress.

Secondly, I realized that I needed to spend more time dancing for myself. Not teaching group classes or private lessons. Not hostessing. Just going out and dancing. When I danced for myself, I felt joy again. I felt full of passion and purpose.

This led me to realize an important lesson: You can only give as much love to something as what you currently have inside of you. Everything will be okay. In her free time, she loves playing her ukulele, dancing, going to the beach, and eating tacos. You can find more of her daily thoughts here. This site is not intended to provide and does not constitute medical, legal, or other professional advice. The content on Tiny Buddha is deed to support, not replace, medical or psychiatric treatment.

Get lost in the passion

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Get lost in the passion

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