Fun and energetic Baton Rouge chick needs friends

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Until recently, the headlines about Covid have largely been about the disease in adults, especially the elderly Fun and energetic Baton Rouge chick needs friends those people with underlying health conditions. However, over the past few weeks, it seems that doctors around the globe are noting cases of children who are being diagnosed with severe inflammation throughout their body — something the Center for Disease Control is now calling Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome in Children or MIS-C for short.

Doctors really like to follow trends or clusters of illnesses, so when doctors in New York City started to see an increase in cases of children with overwhelming inflammation presenting to the hospital, it certainly was noteworthy. Symptoms of children presenting with MIS-C have been varied but include high unrelenting fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, rash, red eyes, and neck pain. These children are showing massive amounts of inflammation in their blood vessels causing problems in organs such as the heart, kidney, gastrointestinal tract, and brain. Some of the children who have been diagnosed with MIS-C have been found to have positive antibody tests to Covid without a prior diagnosis of a Covid infection.

This would al that MIS-C would have occurred weeks after a Covid infection again most likely an asymptomatic infection. It is important to note, however, that there have also been children diagnosed with MIS-C who have had all negative testing to Covid The bottom line right now is that we are not sure what is causing MIS-C. Children with Kawasaki disease present with high fever for more than 5 days, rash, redness to the eyes, changes to their lips or tongue as well as Fun and energetic Baton Rouge chick needs friends of the extremities and swollen lymph nodes.

Kawasaki disease can be treated, and the majority of children recover from this illness without long term effects although in some cases, long-term damage to the coronary arteries can occur. Toxic shock syndrome, on the other hand, is caused by bacteria either Staph or Strep and can be life-threatening very quickly as it causes extremely low blood pressure, also known as shock.

When the initial cases of MIS-C were seen, children seemed to be presenting with some of the physical s of Kawasaki disease but with the low blood pressure seen in Toxic Shock Syndrome. As more information is collected, it also seems that children with MIS-C are older with the most common ages being 5 and up. Kawasaki disease, on the other hand, is more commonly seen under the age of 5 although both of these illnesses can be seen in anyone under the age of As with a lot of things in medicine right now, we are trying to learn as quickly as we can about the disease process of MIS-C, and work is ongoing to determine whether there is a direct link to Covid, whether some children more likely to get MIS-C than others, and whether there is any way to prevent MIS-C from happening.

So, you might be wondering: what about the good news I mentioned above? While data collection is continuing on a daily basis, as of this writing, 23 states are reporting cases of MIS-C, there are around cases across the US with close to of those cases being in New York alonebut at the moment, there have been less than 5 deaths nationwide. Just to be clear, while any child dying is absolutely tragic, do keep in mind for reference that influenza has already killed children so far this year.

When it comes to Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome in Children, doctors and parents alike need to be aware of this new illness and be on the lookout for concerning symptoms. But once again, there is no need to panic as this illness, while scary given its symptoms and complications, remains exceedingly rare. Doctors and scientists are feverishly working to try and learn as much as possible about MIS-C, and its causes, relationship to Covid and, of course, treatment and a cure.

In the meantime, I encourage parents that may be worried about MIS-C to speak with their pediatrician, and if you are worried about your child being ill with any kind of symptoms, please do not be afraid to bring them to the doctor. Pediatricians are available and equipped to see children both healthy and sick during these uncertain times of Covid Disclaimer: The purpose of this site is to share experiences with food, fitness, health, and life as well as opinions from some of our local experts.

When it comes to your health or the health of your child, please be sure to contact your physician. The coronavirus wreaked havoc on school districts — closing campuses for the remainder of the school year and shifting students and parents to online learning. We made it through to the finish line and now we turn our thoughts to the fall and what the following school year will hold for our children.

One thing is for sure, our children deserve a quality school. And we deserve to choose which school earns the right to educate our children and prepare them for the next grade level and eventually… the rest of their lives.

Fun and energetic Baton Rouge chick needs friends

To simplify the school choice process, parents need to learn what to consider and how to evaluate their options. And good teachers are critical in helping student achievement. Which makes sense because, quality schools, along with great teachers, also ensure that ALL students master concepts in their English, math, and science classes — passing prepared for the next school year. School scores — expressed on a scale of — are also expressed in letter grades ranging from A-F.

And the Red Stick Schools Guide and www. The reopening of Louisiana following the shut down to fight Covid has a lot of parents asking questions about summer camp, parks, libraries, and more. Louisiana will move to Phase One under the White House COVID guidance this Friday, May 15, which removes the Stay at Home order for Louisianans and allows additional businesses to open under strict occupancy, protection, and social distancing guidelines. Edwards outlined the first phase of the Roadmap to a Resilient Louisiana, which adopts every major recommendation of the White House plan in Phase One.

Please remember that this plan is subject to change. Edwards said he will issue the proclamation lifting the stay-home order on Thursday to go into effect Friday. The governor said phase one will likely be in effect for 21 days, into June 5, if the state does not see increases in cases. The Zoo will follow normal business hours. While the building will be closed, the trails will be open with free admission Tuesday — Saturday, 9 am-noon.

The dog parks at Greenwood, Zachary and Forest Community Parks will reopen with some revised guidelines for your safety on Monday, May 18th! Some guidelines to be aware of:. The Department of Education and the Department of Health have outlined the next steps for the safe operation of child care centers, as well as summer camps, summer school, and summer extracurricular activities.

Child care centers and entities offering summer programs for K students must adhere to certain protective measures set by the Office of Public Health OPHincluding:. In Phase 1, groups should be limited to 10 people including adults.

For child care centers and entities offering summer school, camps, or extracurricular activities, the occupancy rates currently approved for the facility apply. Adjusted Fun and energetic Baton Rouge chick needs friends rates are not applicable, as these entities must adhere to strict social distancing and other health and safety measures specific to child care and summer school or camp settings.

Edwards encourages the public and business owners to proceed cautiously and to take the necessary steps to protect themselves, including wearing a protective face covering like a cloth mask when they are in public, keeping social distance from people outside of their households, and practicing good hygiene.

Fun and energetic Baton Rouge chick needs friends

With the never-ending rain and kids being home, we have put together 20 rainy day activities for kids that will help you pass the time with the kids, indoors…. We would love to hear your ideas for indoor activities, please share them with us on Facebook! The planning for the just in case.

The worry, the isolation, the concerns on the impact all this will have on our homes much less our nation.

Fun and energetic Baton Rouge chick needs friends

Keeping your glass half full is effort. I get it, our world is in the middle of fighting a pandemic. We are trying to flatten the curve. But yet, it is pretty difficult. If you are an extrovert with toddlers. My kids and I are stir crazy. The feeling of entrapment is starting to settle in, and the battle to fight civic duty and emotional well being has begun. I think of the house full of food my grubby toddlers get to snack on all day. The air-conditioned home I live in with electricity and internet! But, oh how gratitude and thoughts of gratefulness have helped me distract those feelings.

Find joy in the mundane. Find time for yourself. I have a hug waiting for you. Find me online at www. In the first two weeks of March, I photographed over elementary school students, preschoolers, toddlers, and babies. How did this many things find their way on my calendar? All my plans for a busy, full, productive spring were canceled and I found myself safe at home every day, all day, with my two kids and my husband.

We make the most of our time together. I worry that I am ruining my children because I am suddenly now a homeschool mom, and I am not very good at it. Despite all the fear, this is a special time, and I decided that every day I was going to take out the camera….

Fun and energetic Baton Rouge chick needs friends

My little three pictures a day personal project is an unexpected joy for me. I share the three photographs on my personal Facebook daily. This photographer had simply walked through her neighborhood and gotten some pretty amazing photographs of her neighbors just sitting on their front porches. I can give Kelly a way to remember this time too. I can just drive by, hop out the car and take a few shots of her kiddos. Before I posted the invitation on social media a long time client of mine texted me and told me about the Front Porch Project in Baton Rouge.

The project is doing free front porch sessions and in exchange, requests participants to purchase a gift card from a local small business. The idea of asking the participants to support a small business just fueled an even greater desire within me to get my own project started. It was a team effort and I was finally ready to invite the community to participate. I posted the invitation to up on social media expecting a handful of faithful clients to up. There were so many ing up that I had to stop booking dates within a few hours of posting my invitation.

Complete strangers ed up! It has been so much FUN!!!

Fun and energetic Baton Rouge chick needs friends

I am pretty sure I have spent most of my time laughing. This project is supporting local businesses, but the heart of it is giving families in our area memories to look back on. I feel very blessed to have met so many people and have given them a reason to smile. The arts have a way of soothing us in times of trouble.

This is a very scary time we are living in, but bringing a little light when things seem so dark has been deeply rewarding for me. Katie has been involved in the photography industry for almost 20 years, beginning as a teenager working as an assistant at a local studio.

Fun and energetic Baton Rouge chick needs friends

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