Fat pizza quotes

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Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. Lifesaver Les: "So you're looking for a fuckin' blue, are ya? Habib: "Rocky, look, what's he saying? His Aussie Accent is, like, hard to understand. Murray: "All right, who's the fuck-wit with the fireworks?!

Habib: raising soot-stained hands "I can't hear what's going on, uleh, but I'm not involved. I swear to God, I'm innocent. Rocky: "Bobo, it wasn't Habib, bro! He doesn't like crackers! Rocky: "The only cracker in here is Officer Jacks Crackers! Murray: "Fuck off out of my face, halal breath, or I'll come down on you like September 11!

Rocky: "Yeah? And I'll give you a Cronulla Riot, you big zup! Old Disabled Man: "Please climb the rope, I need help! Pauly: "Mate, you gotta be kidding, it's two stories! Pauly: "Yeah, if I climb this rope, I'll fall off! I'm gonna be disabled too! I'll your club! What about my Doodle! The fuckin' Doodle! Bobo: "Fat Pizza Pizzas! They're big and they're cheesy". Where's my Small Hawaiian? Habib: "What do you mean you ate all those pills, uleh? All of them? Fat pizza quotes "All those pills are full strength, uleh loc.

Every single one is, like, stronger. Jim Smith: "I'll have another slice of Bobo's special, thanks. Fan Lady: "And it's so hot in here! Why don't you have fuckin' Air conditioning?! Leonard the Nut: "Bobo! Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?

Fat pizza quotes

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Famous Fat Pizza Quotes